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Front Porch Designs to Wow Your Neighbors

April 28, 2022
Front porch designs and front porch design ideas by TimberTech

Front porch designs are an essential part of any home exterior. Your porch is often one of the first things visitors and passersby notice about your home — and it’s key to your home’s curb appeal. With so much attention on your porch, the decision to take on a porch project is a big one. Your new porch design should blend in with your home exterior while also meeting your personal preferences and needs. But when considering front porch design ideas, where do you begin?

  1. First, learn about the different types of porches to get a sense of what your new space could incorporate.
  2. Then, get some quick tips on planning for your porch project.
  3. Finally, discover front porch designs based on home architectural style to get inspiration for your build.

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FAQ: What Are the Different Types of Porches?

Before diving into front porch designs, it’s important to understand what types of structures are considered porches so you can better plan for your design. A porch is generally defined as a covered area or structure attached to the front of a building as part of the entryway. But there are several different types of porches:

  • Open porch: Refers to the quintessential idea of a porch with wide stairs leading to a covered entryway on the front of a home.
  • Verandas: Porches that are level with the ground floor and covered by a roof. They are often partially enclosed by a railing and frequently wrap around the front and sides of the home. 
  • Wraparound porch:Similar to a veranda, a wraparound porch wraps around at least one corner or more of the home and is often covered overhead.
  • Screened-in porch: A type of porch which is fully enclosed with a solid roof and screens along its perimeter. 
  • Sunrooms: Finished rooms built off your home that feature four walls with windows.  

Keep in mind that while a porch is similar to a deck, a deck is typically a roofless structure built on the back of the home, rather than a covered structure on the front of your home.

Quick Planning Tips for Your Porch Project

To upgrade your porch with a new design, you’ll need a plan — and that plan will likely involve either adding a new front porch (building from scratch) or remodeling your existing porch. Get tips and planning guidance for each type of porch project.

Adding a New Front Porch

✓ Choose a porch size and shape that optimizes the space around it.

✓ Ensure your porch design complements your home exterior so it looks like a natural part of the façade.

Remodeling Your Existing Porch

✓ Determine the scope of your project: Will you opt for a full-scale structural overhaul or a simpler resurfacing?

✓ Make sure your porch remodel supports how you plan to use the space, such as a gathering space, dining space, or simple entryway.

Oyster capped polymer porch boards for front porch design ideas

Choose Porch Materials Designed to Last

For any porch project, choose high-performance, low-maintenance materials for an enduringly beautiful space.

With project planning guidance in your back pocket, you’re ready to explore front porch designs for inspiration.

Front Porch Designs by Architectural Style

The architectural style of your home is a key component of your exterior design — and plays a big role in front porch designs. Why? Because your porch should look like an integral part of your home design, rather than a mismatched addition.  

Explore these front porch designs categorized by home architectural style to get ideas for your own project. As you consider these ideas, keep an open mind: You don’t need to have the exact style of home depicted to incorporate elements of the design into your vision.

Scandinavian-Style Wraparound Front Porch

Front porch design ideas for Scandinavian-inspired homes

Scandinavian homes champion warm neutral colors, the use of natural materials, and a sense of minimalism. Even if your home’s architectural style isn’t specifically Scandinavian, the style’s versatile design elements are easy to incorporate into most front porch designs.

Scandinavian Front Porch Design Ideas

To evoke a Scandinavian-inspired look and feel for your front porch, consider working in one or more of these design elements.

Traditional-Style Veranda Porch

Traditional-style front porch design ideas featuring a large home with a veranda

Have a traditional-style home? Then your home likely champions classic design elements such as:

  • A warm, dark color scheme
  • Harmonious, symmetrical shapes and designs
  • Subtle, yet sophisticated details

Traditional Front Porch Design Ideas

These front porch designs incorporate the elegant, inviting elements of traditional design for an attractive, familiar aesthetic. Explore these front porch design ideas for inspiration on how to integrate traditional touches into your vision.

Modern Farmhouse Open Front Porch

Modern farmhouse-style front porch design ideas featuring a stark black and white home

A modern farmhouse home takes the comfortable, relaxed aspects of the traditional farmhouse style and incorporates modern touches such as:  

  • Simple, clean lines
  • Minimalist décor
  • Neutral color scheme

Mid-Century Modern Front Porch Design Ideas

Incorporate one or more of these front porch design ideas in your own project for a modern farmhouse feel.

Coastal-Style Open Front Porch

Coastal-style front porch design ideas featuring a large beige and white home

The coastal style embraces a light and airy feel with natural materials and a cool color scheme often punctuated with dark and light blues alike. Whether or not you live by the sea, you can capture the fresh, light feel of the coastal style with these front porch designs.

Coastal Front Porch Design Ideas

These front porch design ideas focus on bringing the colors and feeling of the beach to you.

Front Porch Designs: Start Your Project

With the front porch designs you need to fuel your creativity, it’s time to get started planning for your porch project. Start by ordering free samples of TimberTech® Porch boards to find the perfect hue for your new space. Be sure to place samples in the front of your home to get a sense for how each color looks and feels in different lighting throughout the day.

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