Front Porch Designs to Wow Your Neighbors

January 18, 2021
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Front porch designs can range from small and quaint to big and bold. As such, there are many styles to choose from, but zeroing in on those that suit your home’s architectural style will give you a unified look that you can then customize.

Find inspiring front porch designs below, organized by the style of your home.

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Front Porch Designs Based on Architectural Style

Your home’s architectural style is one of the strongest influences on your front porch design. At the same time, your porch should also be a unique reflection of you. Your porch is one of the first elements of your home that guests and passers-by will notice, so making it your own will give them a sense of your personality.

Farmhouse-Style Porch Design

Front porch designs for farmhouse-style homes

Farmhouses are defined by characteristics such as sleek, clean lines, natural textures, and, of course, their large wraparound porches. Low-to-the-ground front porch designs give a feeling of openness and are well-suited to the rural areas in which farmhouses originated. A wraparound porch also functions as an ideal gathering place for family.

Make It Your Own

Front porch designs showing natural textures

Porch Boards With Natural Textures

  • TimberTech® Porch boards boast realistic wood grain patterns and durable material that stands up to the elements.
  • A wire-brushed finish gives a country-home vibe that complements your home’s rustic architecture.

Front porch furniture TimberTech Invite Collection by LOLL

Durable, Stylish Furniture

Bring the family gatherings outside with comfortable, all-weather furniture in the form of chairs, benches, and more. Add a touch of coziness with throw pillows and blankets for chillier days and nights.

Craftsman-Style Porch Design

Craftsman-style front porch designs featuring TimberTech Silver Maple

Craftsman-style homes feature artisanal design elements that set them far apart from any mass-produced look. Common characteristics include:

  • Tapered columns that narrow toward the top.
  • Low-pitched gable roofs.
  • A covered front porch with exposed rafters under the eaves.

For craftsman-style front porch designs, consider adding a portico to your covered porch. A portico can complement the already unique architecture of your craftsman-style home, while giving your porch an ornamental feel – all without being over-the-top.

Make It Your Own

front porch designs with decorative column wraps

Decorative Column Wraps

Crisp white column wraps can add a decorative element to your porch that complements your home’s craftsman style. Column wraps from AZEK Exteriors are easy to install and built with durability in mind, so they stay beautiful for the long-haul.

Multi-Width Porch Boards by TimberTech

Multi-Width Porch Boards

Enhance your porch’s unique design with Multi-Width porch boards. Choose from standard, narrow, and wide widths, or combine widths to create different patterns.

Colonial-Style Porch Design

Colonial-style front porch ideas

Colonial-style homes are characterized by the following attributes:

  • Modest ornamentation.
  • Side-gabled roofs.
  • Symmetry and a centered door.

While porches aren’t necessarily a defining characteristic of colonial homes, many front porch designs certainly fit into the architectural style. A short entryway keeps the centered door as a focal point of the design while still giving you room to expand your porch along the width of your home. Your expanded porch will give you a retreat where you can sit, relax, and let the day roll away.

Make It Your Own

Front porch designs featuring white composite Reserve Rail and TimberTech Porch boards in Slate Gray

A Stylish Frame With Railing

Railing makes a design statement while protecting from tumbles off the deck. Choose from composite or aluminum options, or mix and match your deck railing materials for a curated look.

Front porch designs with outdoor lighting

A Warm Welcome With Lighting

Nothing adds warmth to your entryway quite like porch lighting. Use riser lights on your stairs, accent lights in your railing posts, and under-rail lighting along your handrails to create an inviting glow.

Southern-Style Porch Design

Southern-style porch with TimberTech Porch boards

Southern-style homes embrace neoclassical style that complements their warm southern climate. Common characteristics include:

  • Large, screened-in porches.
  • Stately columns.
  • Pitched or gabled roofs.

Front porch designs for southern-style homes often bring the indoors, out, and are large enough to feature different areas with different functions.

Sitting areas, outdoor dining, and even an outdoor fireplace all feel right at home on a southern-style porch. The large size and screened perimeter of such a porch make it the perfect setting for your entire family to enjoy the warmth of the climate – without the bugs.

Make It Your Own

Front porch project featuring TimberTech AZEK Harvest Collection in Slate Gray with Porch Swing

Keep It Cool With Light Colors

The sunny Southern U.S. is known for its warmth, and exposed porch boards will get warm in the sun, too. No sweat: TimberTech porch boards remain up to 30° cooler than competitive products* – plus you can keep things even cooler by choosing light colors like breezy light gray or contemporary tan.

Second-story porch with Slate Gray TimberTech Porch Boards

Create Sections to Avoid Clutter

Keep your porch airy and functional with separate sections for the different uses of your porch. A secluded corner can hold a few cozy chairs, while a larger rectangle can give you plenty of room for an outdoor dining table. Start your porch design with one of the popular deck plan templates that are fully customizable.

*Although TimberTech Porch boards are cooler to the touch than many other porch board products, all porch products will get hot in the sun. Additionally, the darker the porch board color, the hotter it will feel. For hotter climates, consider choosing a lighter color.

Now armed with the inspiration and ideas for front porch designs that you need, you’re ready to get started designing your perfect porch. Start by ordering up to four free samples of different porch board colors to find the one that suits your front porch design best.

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