5 Benefits of Adding a Front Porch to Your Home

February 12, 2021
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Wondering if adding a front porch to your home is worth the cost and effort? A front porch can be a good investment, especially if you use high-quality, durable materials that will look beautiful for years to come. Adding a front porch can offer you several benefits that can make the project well worth it.

Discover the many ways a front porch improves your home.

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1.) Elevates Your Home’s Value

A beautiful, long-lasting porch will do wonders for upping your home’s resale value. How? A front porch adds detailed architectural elements to your home while increasing your outdoor living space. More space and more beauty equal higher resale value.

Adding a front porch featuring TimberTech Porch Slate Gray stairs & white railing

Maximize Your Home’s Value

To get the most out of adding a front porch to your home, use materials that will last. Durable, enduringly beautiful porch materials such as TimberTech® Porch boards will give you even greater long-term value than using less durable materials such as traditional wood.

2.) Ups Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The front door is often considered the focal point of your home. When adding a front porch, you embellish that focal point and create a truly eye-catching architectural element for your home. Keep in mind when designing your porch, the design should match your home’s architectural style, as well as make room for all the functions you plan to use it for.

Adding a front porch Souther-Style home Slate Gray

Take Your Curb Appeal Up a Notch

Create an architectural masterpiece with detailed trim and moulding that matches perfectly with your home. Choose from sophisticated column wraps, elegant crown moulding, and trim that can be molded into practically any shape.

3.) Gives You Another Opportunity to Showcase Your Style

Adding a front porch gives you yet another place to add your personal touch to the architecture and decor. Make your front porch your own by customizing just about every detail, from the shape of your porch down to the porch boards, railing materials, and so much more.

Adding a front porch TimberTech Porch boards with Classic Composite Series Premier Rail in White

Shine a Light on Your Masterpiece

Light up the night with built-in lighting in your porch’s railing and boards. Permanent lighting gives you a soft glow that won’t go out in a storm like temporary lighting such as string lights or lanterns.

4.) Extends Your Living Space

Adding a front porch gives you an outdoor living space for entertaining and spending time with the ones you love. Even a smaller porch can give you the opportunity to spend quiet moments with friends and family, while larger porches give you plenty of space for lively games, dinner parties, and more.

TimberTech Porch Slate Gray boards with Classic Composite Series Radiance Rail

Bring Indoor Amenities Outside

Give your family even more reasons to enjoy your porch by adding indoor amenities such as stylish furniture for cozy seating or outdoor dining.

If you opt for an enclosed porch, consider adding electronics, too, such as a TV, stereo system, and more.

5.) Stays Longer-Lasting, Lower-Maintenance

Your porch’s value hinges on its performance and ability to stand the test of time. Your porch should look as beautiful on day 1,000 as it does on day 1 in order for get the most value out of your investment. Using TimberTech Porch boards means you’ll enjoy enduring, nature-inspired beauty that doesn’t require the costly maintenance needs of traditional wood.

Southern Living Showhome with TimberTech Porch in Coastlline

Save in the Long-Run With Less Upkeep

While traditional wood requires sanding, staining, sealing, every couple of years, TimberTech Porch boards only require a periodic cleaning. Really, that’s it.

With such minimal maintenance, you end up saving substantially in the long-run.

Now that you know adding a front porch with TimberTech Porch boards can only improve your home’s aesthetics and value, it’s time to choose which boards will suit your home best. Order up to four free samples of porch boards today to examine their nature-inspired beauty up close.

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