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Covered Front Porch Ideas for a Curated Space

October 4, 2021
Covered front porch ideas for porches and covered deck designs by TimberTech

As a structure on your home’s façade, your porch is one of the first things passers-by notice about your home — so you want to make a good first impression. Whether you already have a porch and are looking to remodel, or will be adding a new porch to your home, these covered front porch ideas offer the inspiration you need to create a curated, attractive space.

Plus, adding or renovating a front porch is rising in popularity, thanks to its several benefits.  

TimberTech front porch decor and design ideas

Benefits of Adding or Renovating a Front Porch

✓ Ups your home’s curb appeal and increases home resale value

✓ Potentially increases or optimizes your outdoor living space

✓ Gives you another outlet to showcase your unique sense of style

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Ideas for All Kinds of Covered Outdoor Living Spaces

Note that these covered front porch ideas aren’t just for porches — they’ll work for a wide range of covered outdoor living spaces, such as:

Now that you know more about what kind of outdoor living spaces there are, you’re ready to dive into versatile ideas you can apply to your design. 

Traditional-Style Porch Ideas 

Covered front porch ideas with a traditional aesthetic

Have a traditional-style home find yourself drawn to traditional elements? These covered front porch ideas include some of the characteristic elements of the style that you can adapt for your own design, including:

  • Harmonious, symmetrical layouts
  • Neutral colors paired with dark, warm tones
  • Sophisticated design details

Design & Décor Elements Used to Achieve This Look

Covered front porch ideas featuring traditional millwork

Stately Entryway

Create an enviable entryway with a portico. Traditional millwork-inspired detailing in your railing and column wraps add depth and dimension to the design.

Covered front porch ideas featuring inviting brown porch boards

Rich Brown Porch Boards

Give your porch a warm, inviting look and feel with classic rich brown porch boards like Mahogany from the TimberTech® AZEK® Porch Collection.

Covered front porch ideas featuring traditional furniture

Traditional Furniture

Embrace the feeling of the familiar with outdoor furniture that evokes traditional shapes like wing-backed chairs. Connect the interior and exterior with similar colors for a seamless transition from indoors, out.

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Scandinavian-Style Porch Ideas

Covered front porch ideas featuring Scandinavian style designs

Scandinavian design champions neutral colors, natural materials, minimalism, and functionality. Even if your home’s architectural style isn’t specifically Scandinavian, the style’s versatile design elements are easy to incorporate into many covered deck designs and porches.

Design & Décor Elements Used to Achieve This Look

Covered front porch ideas featuring a warm neutral color scheme

A Warm Neutral Foundation

Light, natural wood tones like tans and blondes give you a warm neutral foundation for building out the rest of your color scheme. Choose Weathered Teak® porch boards for a soft, sunny hue.

Covered front porch ideas featuring pops of color

Incorporate a Touch of Color

Incorporate color into your neutral palette with greenery in pots or hanging planters. Want something a little more vibrant? Paint your front door a bright hue to draw the eye toward your entryway.

Covered front porch ideas featuring a mix of textures

Mix Up Materials

Integrate a mix of materials including wood tones, stone, metal, and natural fibers into your design for a chic, multi-textured look. Start by mixing materials in your railing for a unique perimeter.

Southern-Style Porch Ideas

Covered front porch ideas featuring Southern style design

With their quintessentially large wraparound porches or verandas, Southern-style homes are well-equipped for hosting family and friends. Incorporate covered front porch ideas that embrace Southern hospitality into your design to create an inviting outdoor living space.  

Design & Décor Elements Used to Achieve This Look

Covered front porch ideas featuring a gathering place

Good to Gather

Southern-style porches or covered deck designs are made for gatherings. Encourage guests to relax long into the afternoon with living room-inspired outdoor furniture full of cushions, throw pillows, and blankets.

Add end tables between seating and a coffee table in the center for a true indoor experience, outdoors.

Area to Prep for Food With Family & Friends

An outdoor kitchen area allows you to take the heat and smells of cooking out of your house into the great outdoors. Plus, being in an open space lets you still mingle with guests while you keep an eye on dinner. Complete the space with an outdoor dining set to enjoy the food and conversation of dinner al fresco.

Covered deck designs featuring a built-in outdoor kitchen
Covered deck designs featuring a built-in bar area

A Simple Spot to Sip & Chat

Even if you don’t live in a warm, southern climate, covered deck designs or porches with built-in outdoor bars give you a highly functional space for casual gatherings — whether you’re sipping cool drinks in the heat, or hot drinks in the cold. Bar stools also provide additional seating for when you have the whole extended family over for a reunion.

Mid-Century Modern-Style Porch Ideas

Covered deck designs for mid century modern homes

Looking for cool covered front porch ideas for your contemporary home? Embrace elements of the mid-century modern style into covered deck designs or porch builds, including: 

  • A varied color scheme, including bold contrasts
  • Minimal ornamentation
  • A mix of geometric and organic shapes

Design & Décor Elements Used to Achieve This Look

Covered deck designs featuring richly-hued composite decking

Richly-Hued Porch Floor

Choose a bold, dynamic color scheme with richly-hued porch or deck boards. Opt for saturated brown for an inviting warm hue, or a sunny tan like Weathered Teak®.

Covered deck designs featuring aluminum railing

Sleek Metal Railing

Aluminum railing gives you a sleek, minimalist profile that suits the modern aesthetic. Choose a glass panel infill for a chic look and unobstructed views.

Covered deck designs featuring geometric shapes

Geometric Shapes

Stick to geometric shapes in your porch or covered deck designs to create clean, defined lines. Then, balance the crispness of your lines with a touch of the organic with potted plants or landscaping.

Coastal-Style Porch Ideas

Covered deck designs for coastal style homes

The coastal style is one that is light and airy, focusing on natural materials and a bright, cool color scheme often enriched with deep blues. Whether or not you live by the sea, you can capture the fresh, light feel of the coastal style with these covered front porch ideas.

Design & Décor Elements Used to Achieve This Look

Covered deck designs featuring natural tones and textures

Natural Tones & Textures

Bring in warm tones to your coastal-style porch with natural fibers like jute, wicker, and rattan. Wood tones and greenery add more natural texture to the space for greater dimensionality.  

Pair your warm natural tones with whites and blues to evoke the colors of white sand beaches.

Light & Bright Decking

Keep the foundation of your porch versatile and bright with a light gray like Oyster® or Slate Gray porch boards. The monochromatic painted wood look gives you a minimalist feel, while the cathedral wood grain pattern adds a sense of sophistication.  

Plus, as a subdued neutral, light grays give you a blank slate for your coastal-style furniture and décor.   

Covered deck designs featuring light and bright composite decking
AZEK exteriors beadboard ceiling gives your porch a clean fresh aesthetic

Beadboard Ceiling

When thinking through covered front porch ideas, don’t forget about the ceiling. A fresh, new, color-coordinated ceiling can add just the right touch to give you the final, polished look that completes the space.

Choose AZEK beadboard ceiling in matte white for clean, bright look or paint your porch ceiling for a more dynamic design.

Bring Your Covered Front Porch Ideas to Life

Now that you have covered front porch ideas to give you the inspiration you need, it’s time to start planning for your covered deck or porch project. Talk to a local TimberTech-registered contractor who can help make your vision a reality.

Bring the Beauty of TimberTech to Your Backyard

Work with a TimberTech pro for a build that transforms your outdoor living space.

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