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How to Finish the Ends of Composite Decking for a Seamless Outdoor Space

January 9, 2020

In this post, we break down how to finish the ends of composite decking with three different techniques, all for one seamless deck.

If you’re working on putting the finishing touches on an inviting deck design, you may have already started thinking about how to finish the ends of composite decking. Even with up to 80% recycled material in the blended core of TimberTech capped composite boards, we understand that you may not want to fully show your cards or sacrifice a finished look. Luckily, when it comes to how to finish the ends of composite decking, we’ve got what you need.

Read on to discover three sleek-looking ways to camouflage the cut ends of your composite deck boards.

Use a Picture Frame Finish for a Photo-Ready Deck

Picture frame 1.jpg

Likely, you’ve seen a traditional wood deck and noticed how the exposed board ends can noticeably bleach, warp, and weather quickly as compared to the rest of the deck. (When it’s made of wood, the “rest of the deck” doesn’t fair too well, either — over the course of a decade, the cost of maintenance will drive the overall expense up considerably.)

One way avoid unsightly end exposure is with a picture frame. Adding a picture frame to a deck refers to running at least one layer of a contrasting board around the perimeter of the deck, at the edge of the infill. The angled ends of the framing boards join at each corner of the deck to create a natural cover to finish the ends of composite decking.

Benefits to This Technique

  • Using a picture frame design lends balance and visual interest to your deck without dominating other features like lighting or railing
  • Picture framed decking exudes contemporary style and keeps your space looking fresh and dynamic
  • Covering the ends with a TimberTech composite board offers optimal protection from the elements

Use Fascia Boards to Cinch a Finished Look

fascia closeup.jpg

Another great way to finish the ends of composite decking is to use fascia — the perpendicular boards that run the perimeter of a deck. Fascia can also be used with strategically placed stairs (e.g., wide steps or wrap-around stairs). While the fascia single-handedly hides the composite board ends, the stairs add another visual layer for a truly purposeful, finished look.

Benefits to This Technique

  • Fascia in a contrasting color can enhance the look of a picture framed deck
  • Wider stairs bring a contemporary feel to your composite deck
  • Stairs built flush against the deck lend a more finished look to your outdoor space

Fascia promises to match the appearance and durability of your high-performance deck.

Cover Ends with TimberTech End Coating Paint

painted ends.jpg

If you opt to keep your boards exposed, the answer to how to finish the ends of composite decking is simple: TimberTech End Coating. TimberTech End Coating is formulated specifically for coating the ends of all TimberTech decking products and withstanding even the harshest weather conditions.

Benefits to This Technique

  • Brings a saturated and sealed finish to composite ends
  • Delivers a lasting wood-inspired look and serious durability
  • Is color-matched to all of our decking products, so you need only locate your board color on the color chart
  • For TimberTech boards, just 8 oz. covers approximately 250 end cuts

A brush or roller is all you need for application.

Ultimately, with TimberTech, the answer to how to finish the ends of composite decking is never difficult to find. Whether you’re looking to elevate the style of your deck with a contemporary picture frame, integrate fascia or protectively seal off the ends of your composite boards, we’re here to help.

Finish Those Composite Ends

Seal the deal (and your composite decking ends) with our weather-resistant finish.

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