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Custom Decks: What You Need to Know

April 6, 2021
Custom Decks TimberTech AZEK Harvest Collection in Brownstone

Custom decks are those that have been custom-built by a contractor to meet your specific needs and design preferences.

Since a customized deck is a unique expression of your personal style, and tailored to your lifestyle, getting it just right is essential. That’s why custom decks nearly always require the expertise of an experienced contractor to build.

Custom deck options can range from small aesthetic details like mixed railing materials to larger structural elements like deck shape.

Custom decks featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in English Walnut

Why Build a Custom Deck

Custom decks need a bit of extra planning, but their benefits are impactful and long-lasting.

Reasons to build a custom deck include:

  • Gives you a unique deck design.
  • Built to serve your specific needs.
  • Will fit perfectly in the space you have available.  

Factors to Consider Before Starting Your Project

Custom decks require extra foresight and planning before getting started on the project, including:

  • Cost factors to budget for.
  • How intensive you want the project to be.

Cost Factors

The cost to build a deck depends on several factors:

  • Labor – Custom decks often require you to work with a contractor, so be sure to budget appropriately for labor costs.
  • Design – The more complex your design, the higher your labor costs.
  • Materials – Overall cost will vary between our capped composite and capped polymer decking lines.
  • Substructure – A custom deck will likely require a brand-new, custom-built substructure which will affect your material and labor costs.
  • Fasteners – Fasteners range from basic top-down screws to advanced color-matched and hidden options which can impact your overall costs.

How Complex Do I Want My Project to Be?

A large deck with a complicated design will naturally be more intensive than a smaller deck with a simpler design. Decide from the start how much time and money you’re willing to invest — as well as what you’re able or willing to DIY — before starting the project.

How to Find a Contractor

Custom decks very often benefit from the expertise of a contractor.

The right contractor for your custom deck build will be able to:

  • Communicate appropriate timelines.
  • Work closely with you to finalize design.
  • Be conscious of your budget every step of the way.
Check Your Deck Frame Replacing Wood Deck Boards With Composite

Asking the Right Questions

Finding the right contractor for your project is about asking the right questions, such as:

  • How long have you been a contractor?
  • Which decking, railing, and lighting options best fit my goals and budget?
  • Have you done any projects similar to mine?

Use our 3D Deck Design tool to customize your deck’s shape, railing, & more. LAUNCH DECK DESIGNER

Inspirational Custom Decks

Discover the unique elements of several custom decks that help them stand out from the crowd.

Custom decks featuring TimberTech PRO Legacy Collection in Pecan

A Custom Railing

Cost factors: $
Complexity: Low
Many TimberTech® Railing profiles can be mixed and matched with different infills for a look all your own. This deck features Drink Rail in White with a matching top rail board and aluminum balusters.

Custom decks featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Coastline & Porch Boards With Outdoor Electronics

An Outdoor Living Room

Cost factors: $$
Complexity: Medium
Create a custom outdoor living room under a deck covering for protection and deck it out with cozy furniture, a fireplace, and a TV for movie nights.

TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Coastline & Dark Hickory Multi-WIdth Decking

An Intricate Inlay

Cost Factors: $$$
Complexity: High
Make your deck surface the star of the show with an intricate inlay using Multi-Width Decking. Choose from several deck patterns, such as herringbone, to find one that suits your deck’s size and shape best.

Aerial view of a curved deck built from TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection decking in Coastline, Mahogany, and Dark Hickory

A Curved Design

Cost Factors: $$$
Complexity: High

Use curved deck boards as an inlay or picture frame, or for built-in benches.  Note that Curving deck boards requires heat-bending, a process you’ll need a qualified contractor to perform.

As you can see, custom decks are full of character and are worth the extra planning. If you’re ready to move forward with your custom deck build, find a TimberTech-registered contractor who will ensure you achieve all your project goals.

Bring the Beauty of TimberTech to Your Backyard

Work with one of our registered contractors for a build that transforms your outdoor living space.

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