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TimberTech® DrySpace Under Deck Water Management System

October 12, 2021
TimberTech DrySpace under deck water management system

If you have a second-story deck, you know the space underneath is valuable — but not just for storage. With overhead protection from rainwater, an under deck area can be transformed into an additional outdoor living space.  

Enter TimberTech® DrySpace*. 

The DrySpace under deck system helps collect and channel moisture and storm water away from your deck and home so you can make the most of your under deck area. With TimberTech DrySpace, you double your outdoor living space by preventing serious water damage below your deck.

*TimberTech’s use of the mark DRYSPACE is with the consent of DrySpace, Inc., in Cedar Rapids, Iowa (www.dryspace.com). TimberTech and DrySpace, Inc. are not affiliated in any way. Neither company warrants the goods or services of the other. 

What Is TimberTech DrySpace?

TimberTech DrySpace channels water away from your deck and home

DrySpace is an engineered vinyl application that fits over your joists for a polished, protective finish. The under deck water management system helps to collect and re-direct rainwater to keep your under deck area dry.

Benefits of DrySpace Under Deck Water Management System 

✓ Easily installed on a new deck or retrofitted to most existing decks. 

 Helps channel moisture away from your home and deck. 

✓ Expands your outdoor living space to the area below your deck. 

✓ Polishes your under deck space with a clean, finished-ceiling look. 

✓ Highly durable and moisture-resistant thanks to its solid extruded vinyl composition.  

Can I Install TimberTech DrySpace Myself?  

With the right tools and guidance, yes.

TimberTech DrySpace under deck water management system is designed for straightforward installation with three interlocking components.  

Be sure to review the DrySpace Installation Guide before attempting installation. READ THE GUIDE 

Components of TimberTech DrySpace 

Installing TimberTech DrySpace under deck system involves putting three interlocking components together. DrySpace must be installed with a pitch of 1/8” per foot to ensure water runs away from your home. Be sure to determine the pitch and draw a chalk line on your joists before installing the following components.  

TimberTech DrySpace single bracket product image

Combo Brackets 

Single and double combo brackets fit over your joists.

TimberTech DrySpace F-bracket product image


These run along the ledger board and connect to the combo brackets. 

TimberTech DrySpace V-Panel product image


These panels snap into the brackets and direct water away from your home.  

See It for Yourself 

Get a step-by-step overview and helpful tips on TimberTech DrySpace installation from this how-to video.  

Ideas for Your Under Deck Outdoor Living Space 

TimberTech DrySpace under deck system keeps your under deck area dry

With a TimberTech DrySpace under deck water management system, you’re free to design and furnish your under deck area as you see fit. Discover under deck ideas for creating a stylish — and functional — under deck outdoor living space.

DrySpace under deck lets you furnish your space with a lounge

Shady Lounge 

Create a quiet, shady place to retreat from the afternoon sun with living room-inspired outdoor furniture such as a couch, chairs, and a coffee table. Add throw pillows and blankets for a cozier feel.   

DrySpace under deck system keeps your reading nook dry

Cozy Reading Nook 

Have an under deck area on the smaller side? Add a lounge chair to recline on, an end table to hold your tea, and even a lamp to illuminate the space for a peaceful space to read your favorite novel.  

DrySpace under deck systems keeps your built-in bar dry

Outdoor Dining & Bar 

Love to host dinner parties? Take the experience of dining and after-dinner drinks outdoors with a dining set and bar area underneath your deck for a truly functional entertainment space.  

Start Planning Your Under Deck Project 

Ready for a beautiful, fully functional under deck area? Work with a TimberTech-registered contractor who can help with installation of your DrySpace under deck system as well as building out your under deck area just the way you want it.  

Bring the Beauty of TimberTech to Your Backyard

Work with a TimberTech pro for a build that transforms your outdoor living space.

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