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Uniquely Chic: Multi Colored Deck Inspiration

October 18, 2021
Multi colored deck idea by TimberTech

Looking for multi colored deck ideas? Color plays an important role in your design as it affects the overall look and feel of the space — so choosing your deck colors is an important decision.

Get the ideas and guidance you need to choose the right combination of colors and achieve a look you love.

Benefits to multi colored decks

Benefits of Multi Colored Deck Designs

✓ Gives your deck a unique look and feel, plus enhances visual interest.

✓ Certain designs allow you to visually demarcate sections of your deck.

✓ Complements multi-tonal elements in your home’s architecture.  

Get the deck color ideas you need with our Deck Color Ideas Series.

A Brief Look at Deck Color Families

When thinking about deck colors, you likely have a color family in mind.

Composite deck board colors fall into the same color families as traditional wood — and the best part? They won’t require the same rigorous maintenance to retain their good looks.

Display swatch of Coastline deck boards


Gray composite decking is often a contemporary choice but also pairs with traditional homes with gray elements.

Display swatch of Mahogany composite deck boards


Rich brown composite decking is a classic warm tone that comes in a several shades that complement a wide variety of homes and styles.

Display swatch of Weathered Teak deck boards


Tans are warm, sunny hues that range from light, sandy colors to deep, rich golds, all of which give you an inviting outdoor living space.

Blended Colors. Real Wood Looks.

Discover the subtle nuances of color blending, grain patterns, and finishes that give TimberTech® deck boards a hyper-realistic wood look.

Blended Colors. Real Wood Looks.

TimberTech® decking captures the subtle nuances you expect of real wood, like:

  • Color blending
  • Texture-rich grain patterns
  • Handsome finishes

So your decking locks in a hyper-realistic wood look that far outlasts the traditional competitors.

How to plan a deck project featuring TimberTech AZEK Weather Teak furnished outdoor deck

Discover the Perfect Hue (or Two) for You

From deck boards to railing, explore your color options to find the right combination to suit your style.

Ways to Create a Multi Colored Deck Design

Now that you’re familiar with deck color families, you’re ready to start thinking about how to incorporate different hues into your deck design. Explore the many ways to create a multi colored deck design, with a look and feel that’s all you.

Get Familiar With Color Combinations

Get guidance on pairing colors to find just the right look for your outdoor living space.

Assorted Layout

Multi colored deck with an assorted layout

Combine two to three deck board colors in an assorted layout for a highly varied design. Stick with shades from a single color family for a cohesive look or mix and match hues from more than one color family for a bolder aesthetic. Stagger your boards across the surface to create greater visual interest.

Picture Frame Borders

A picture frame border refers to the boards that run along the perimeter of your deck, creating a “frame” for the inlaid boards. A picture frame border is typically made up of one to three boards, but can have more, depending on your design.

Multi colored deck with a picture frame border

Create a Defined Perimeter

For a bold, defined deck perimeter, choose a contrasting color for your picture frame border. Mixing cool and warm tones, or very light and deeply saturated boards, can both give you a highly sophisticated aesthetic.

A Frame Fit for Every Shape

A picture frame border is suitable for almost any deck shape, whether you have a conventional rectangle, or something more unique like a geometric design.

For a dramatic shape, keep your picture frame border only a shade or two lighter or darker than the inlay for a subtle emphasis.

Multi colored deck with angled stairs

Fascia & Skirting Color Combinations

When thinking through multi colored deck designs, think beyond your deck surface. The colors you choose for your deck fascia and skirting can contribute to an eye-catching deck perimeter.

Multi colored deck with gray decking and white PVC skirting

Bold: Crisp White PVC Trim as Fascia

Go for a crisp, clean perimeter with white PVC trim used in a fascia application. The bright white pairs well with white accents in your home exterior. Creates a cool, high-contrast look by pairing the white with deck skirting made of medium to dark gray composite decking.

Multi colored deck made of grayscale boards

Subtle: Sophisticated Grayscale

Create a more subtle perimeter with different shades of the same color family. Dark and lighter grays pair well together as fascia and skirting to provide just enough contrast to set each component apart.

Color Blocking a Section of Your Deck

Multi colored deck with a color blocked section

Use color to demarcate different sections on your deck for different uses. Separating areas for different uses improves your deck’s functionality, while also giving your deck depth and dimension.

Color block a section with a lighter or darker shade than the rest of the deck to create a visual distinction. Place furniture such as comfortable outdoor lounge chairs or a dining set in the space to give it a specific function — and provide ample seating for guests. 

Inlaid Multi Colored Deck Designs

Seeking a more intricate design? Go for a multi colored deck inlay pattern.

Multi colored deck with a circular inlay

Tri-Colored Circular Inlay

Choose a sophisticated circular inlay for an unexpected deck shape bound to turn heads. Juxtapose warm and cool colors for the circle’s border and interior to create a distinctly defined design. A built-in bench along a section of the circle is an inviting addition that turns the design into a functional gathering space.

Two-Toned Inlaid Square

Create a focal point in your deck design with an inlaid square of a darker or lighter hue than the rest of your deck boards. Add more intricacy to the design with a deck pattern like herringbone around the square. Arrange furniture around the perimeter of your square and place a coffee table at the center for an intentional design and functional layout.

Two-toned deck with herringbone pattern

Railing Color Combinations

Some multi colored deck designs go beyond a multi-toned surface to also include your railing design. Combining railing colors and mixing materials gives you a unique perimeter that either contrasts or complements your deck surface.  

A composite deck with a two-toned railing

Two-Toned Deck Railing

Keep it simple with a single-material railing, but mix things up with contrasting colors. Pair white composite posts and rails with black composite balusters for a dramatic combination of light and dark.

A composite deck with a three-toned railing

Three-Toned Deck Railing

Mix both colors and materials in your railing design to create a truly customized perimeter. The deck board top rail of the Classic Composite Series Drink Rail combined with white composite posts and black aluminum balusters creates a distinctive multi-textured, three-toned design.

Start Planning Your Multi Colored Deck Design

There’s no better way to see how colors look together than when they’re in your hands. Order free samples of TimberTech composite deck boards to get a sense of which colors suit your style best. Place your samples outdoors to see how they look in different lighting and how they coordinate with the existing colors and textures of your home and yard.

See & feel the TimberTech advantage

Our capped PVC and capped composite decking lines combine recycled material with all the beauty of traditional wood.

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