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Built-In Deck Bench Ideas to Enhance & Inspire

October 29, 2021
Built in deck benches for deck bench ideas on a wide furnished deck with planters and table

When it comes to achieving your ideal outdoor living space, an enduringly beautiful TimberTech® deck is just the beginning. Once you’ve locked in your deck layout, you’ll also want to think about one of the most important components when it comes to enjoying your outdoor escape: seating. Your options will break down into two categories: temporary outdoor furniture and permanent seating like built in deck benches.

If you want to take your deck design to the next level, permanent seating may be the option for you.

Benefits of Built In Deck Benches

Choosing built in deck benches crafted from TimberTech® capped polymer or capped composite decking means you bring the promise of Better Tech, Better Deck™ to a critical design element in your space.

Enhanced Design & Function

Built in deck benches lend a design-forward architectural element to your space that elevates your overall design — and greatly improves its functionality.  

Better Long-Term Value

Built in deck seating made of TimberTech boards boasts an impressive lifespan, meaning it won’t need to be replaced as frequently as other furniture, saving you big in the long-run.

Superior Performance

Enjoy greater piece of mind with built in deck seating that’s highly durable and resistant to moisture and the elements— and won’t need to be dragged in before a storm.  

Factors That Influence Your Bench Design

Built in deck benches featuring small furnished porch with lush surroundings

Deck bench ideas are highly varied. If you’re unsure where to begin with envisioning your deck bench design, start by thinking through these factors:

  • Your deck size and type:Smaller decks will likely require that your benches be built around the perimeter to keep the central space open, while larger decks can use centrally located benches to demarcate separate sections.  
  • Your preferred aesthetic: Are you more traditional or modern? Deck bench ideas range from highly eclectic designs to simple, straight builds, so think through your desired aesthetic before diving into bench designs.

Built In Deck Bench Ideas for an Inviting Outdoor Space

Discover built in deck bench ideas to suit every type of deck and style preference.

Built in deck benches on a circular deck with a firepit

Keep It Cool With Curves

Go for an elegant, unexpected design with a curved deck bench*. Build the bench around a central location to create an inviting focal point that encourages friends and family to gather.

Ideal for: Larger decks that have enough room for the curves to bend along the design.

*NOTE: Heat-bending, the process of curving TimberTech decking, requires a qualified contractor to perform.

Deck bench ideas on octagon-shaped poolside deck

Go With an Octagonal Design

Settled on an octagonal deck shape? Trace half of the angled perimeter with built in deck seating to create a cozy conversation bench.

Accentuate the angles with a two-toned picture frame border for both your deck and bench.

Ideal for: Any style deck with an octagonal or hexagonal section.  

Mix & Match Deck Board Colors

Create a unique bench design with curated color combinations from TimberTech AZEK® decking.  

Built in deck benches featuring large composite wood bench and matching deck

Embrace Multi-Width Decking

Looking for a simple bench design with a touch of visual interest? Opt for a straight bench with a seat made of Multi-Width Decking. A combination of narrow (3.5”), standard (5.5”), and/or wide (7.25”) boards gives you a subtle yet refined aesthetic that sets your design apart.

Ideal for: Any size or type of deck with a more contemporary aesthetic.

Wraparound deck and lounge chair bordered by forest

Stick to Right Angles

A right-angled bench built into the corner of your deck gives you a chic, minimalist design and takes up little space. On lower decks without a railing, the L-shaped bench gives you a place to soak up the view of your beautiful surroundings.

Ideal for: Lower decks with a minimalist feel in areas of natural beauty.

Large furnished composite wood deck with decorative planter

Optimize Functionality With a Built In Bench & Planter

Looking for deck bench ideas that optimize functionality? Provide seating and a place for on-deck greenery with a built-in bench and planter combination. Position the structure at your deck perimeter to optimize your floor space.

Ideal for: Small decks of any style, where every inch counts.

Built in deck benches for deck bench ideas on furnished rooftop deck

Enhance Privacy With a High Backrest

Double up the functionality of your built in deck benches with a privacy screen. Build your bench design into an existing privacy wall or construct a high backrest to enclose your space from prying eyes.

Ideal for: Any style rooftop deck or other outdoor living space with shared sightlines.

Tips to DIY Your Built In Deck Benches

Thinking of DIY-ing your deck bench? Keep these best practices in mind.

Building Code Requirements

Depending on deck height and where you install your benches, there could be specific code requirements that affect your design. Always check your local building codes before installing any structure on your deck.

Proper Substructure Framing

Your substructure may require extra blocking between joists to support your bench, so it’s best to install your bench at the time of build, before your deck boards.

Keep Ergonomics in Mind

✓ The seat should be at least 15” deep and about 18” above the deck surface.

✓ For those with backs, seats should tilt 5° back while the backrest should tilt 5° to 10°.

Also keep in mind that spans for TimberTech decking in a bench application should not exceed the recommended span for decking application, which is 16” between joists.

Bring Your Deck Bench Ideas to Life

With plenty of ideas for built in deck benches, as well as DIY tips, you’re ready to turn your vision into reality. Partner with a TimberTech-registered contractor to ensure your built in deck seating is constructed just the way you want it — and meets local code requirements. 

Bring the Beauty of TimberTech to Your Backyard

Work with one of our registered contractors for a build that transforms your outdoor living space.

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