Find the Right Aluminum Deck Railing for Your Outdoor Living Space

July 9, 2020
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In this post, we’ll briefly discuss the different types of TimberTech deck railing, then break down the differences and details of the two minimalist metal options available — Impression Rail and Impression Rail Express.

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Nothing completes your outdoor living space quite like an attractive and high-performance railing. Deck railing systems offer a number of benefits including unifying your overall design scheme and providing safety. In this post, we will first briefly cover the different railing systems we offer – composite and aluminum deck railing – before taking a closer look at aluminum railings and diving into some of the great benefits of powder-coated aluminum. Keep reading to learn the power of our perimeters.

The Different Types of Deck Railing

We offer two types of low-maintenance, high-performance ra­­iling systems: aluminum railing and composite railing. Aluminum railings are made of durable powder-coated aluminum, whereas composite railings are made with a composite core and four-sided polymer caps. (Re-familiarize yourself with a quick breakdown of the parts of a railing system – plus insight into both types of TimberTech railings – before you start.)

Benefits of Both Aluminum and Composite Railings

Before we go deeper into aluminum deck railings, it’s useful to note the shared benefits of composite and aluminum deck railings. Bear in mind that none of these benefits will hold true for traditional wood railings.

Both aluminum and composite railings deliver:

  • Low maintenance: No sanding, staining, sealing, or painting required.
  • Value added over time: Although the initial cost of composite and aluminum deck railings may be higher than that of pressure-treated wood railings, you’ll see lower lifetime costs compared to wood because aluminum railings require less maintenance.
  • Aesthetic beauty: With profiles ranging from classic to contemporary, our railing portfolio has just what you need to complement your outdoor living space.

TimberTech® Aluminum Deck Railing: Impression Rail and Expression Rail Express®

Now that you know about the superiority of aluminum and composite railings over wood, let’s take a closer look at TimberTech aluminum deck railing.

Our aluminum railing portfolio features two sleek and durable options: Impression Rail Express and Impression Rail. Both are expertly crafted for longevity.


Impression Rail

This minimalist aluminum railing system offers a narrow profile that keeps sightlines clear. For Impression Rail, select a bottom rail, post sleeves, and infill type, then enjoy your fade-, chip-, and peel-free perimeter.


Impression Rail Express

This contemporary, convenient aluminum railing system promises a clear view of the horizon, hidden fasteners, and fuss-free installation thanks to a panelized system (pre-routed and pre-assembled balusters). Durable powder-coated aluminum means no fading, chipping, or peeling.

Benefits of TimberTech Aluminum Deck Railing

  • An attractive wrought iron-inspired look thanks to powder-coated aluminum.
  • Incredible durability; won’t rot or deteriorate and resists fading, staining, and scratching. Plus, exceptional moisture resistance protects against corrosion, fading, or warping.
  • Clear sightlines via streamlined and timeless profiles.
  • Safety and stability thanks to strong, rattle-free balusters.
  • Retained shape thanks to hardy aluminum, even in extreme heat and cold.
  • Easy installation, with no special tools required and options for a thoughtfully designed and thoroughly tested panelized system with Impression Rail Express.
  • Peace of mind thanks to an industry-leading 25-Year Limited Warranty.

When all is said and done, this means that aluminum deck railing provides major advantages in terms of appearance, durability, safety, and installation ease. You’ve invested in your outdoor living space – protect that investment with an attractive aluminum railing built to last.

Find the Right Railing for You

The beauty of a railing’s many parts? Ample opportunity to customize to your personal style. Browse our Railing Guide for insight and inspiration.

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