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What Is the Difference Between Solid and Grooved Capped Wood Composite Decking?

September 10, 2016

TimberTech sells most product lines in both a “solid” and “grooved” profile. The grooved board has a channel manufactured down the side of the board and the “solid” board doesn’t.   The reason for the difference in the boards directly relates to your choice in fastening options. There are two main fastening options; face fastening and hidden fastening.

Face fastening is used with a solid profile board. TimberTech offers a color match option with our TOPLoc Face Fastening system to minimize the visibility of the screws on your deck. We also offer TimberTech Cortex, which allows you to face fasten and then utilize a color-matched plug made from TimberTech material to cover the screw head.

The second fastening option is hidden fastening, which is used with a grooved profile board. TimberTech offers a hidden fastening option with our FUSIONLoc and CONCEALoc system. By using FUSIONLoc or CONCEALoc and Cortex – you can have a complete fastener-free surface.

Choosing a fastener is an important decision in building a deck that meets your expectations. As part of that decision, ensuring you have the correct “solid” or “grooved” board is crucial.

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