Enjoy All Weather Decking With TimberTech Capped Polymer and Composite Boards

January 2, 2020

In this article, we break down what weathering is, plus how it takes a toll on traditional wood decks and some of our competitors’ composite boards. Plus, we’ll demonstrate how TimberTech® all weather decking translates to enduring beauty, year after year.

Decks should be about upping your home’s curb appeal and making treasured memories with family and friends — not about having to constantly maintain them due to warping, stripping, or weathering. Luckily, TimberTech® AZEK®, TimberTech PRO®, and TimberTech EDGE™ boards offer all weather decking solutions that keep the appearance and value of your deck high and the weathering effects to a minimum.

Just What Is Weathering?

Ever been enjoying a family vacation at the lake on a sunny day only to notice that the dock has a bleached, gray look, complete with warped, lifting boards? That’s weathering.

To paraphrase Merriam-Webster, weathering is the process whereby weather conditions, especially UV rays, alter the color, texture, composition, or form of exposed objects, and specifically contribute to the disintegration of materials. So, in terms of decking, the weather patterns and natural environment around your home is important to how your deck looks — and its overall longevity.

Because weathering involves the disintegration of materials, natural wood — which offers no built-in protection to erosion — will weather faster than its polymer or composite counterparts. Enter TimberTech all weather decking.

What Makes TimberTech Capped Polymer and Capped Composite Boards an All Weather Decking Solution?

TimberTech AZEK capped polymer decking is crafted from stain-, mold-, moisture-, and weathering-resistant polyvinyl chloride. Advanced material technology in both the cap and core translates to all weather decking that stays cooler on warm-weather days and offers 40% better slip resistance than competitors. TimberTech PRO 4-sided capped composite boards and TimberTech EDGE 3-sided capped composite boards both leverage the power of weathering-resistant composite technology for a premium look and serious durability. Both products are also composed of up to 80% recycled materials for a choice as sustainable as it is eye-catching.

But what’s an all weather decking solution without rigorous testing? TimberTech wouldn’t know.

We at TimberTech tapped into the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards to rigorously test how our products weather as compared to those of leading competitors. The ASTM develops and publishes over 12,000 testing procedures or standards globally to determine a variety of products’ performance.

A highly reputable, third-party lab conducted testing on our decking and competitors’ decking per ASTM D2244 and ASTM G154 standards, which measure discoloration and signs of exposure, respectively. The samples, independently sourced, were tested in a Weatherometer Chamber where they were subjected to cycles of eight hours of UV radiation followed by four hours of darkness to ASTM specifications. The results, while staggering, were not surprising to us.

Which material makes for the best all weather decking? See for yourself.

*Note that the only “difference” in color is due to the camera’s reflection being caught on the TimberTech PRO board on the far right. The weathering test did not affect the boards’ coloring or appearance.

Azek Fade
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A TimberTech AZEK board (far left) and two TimberTech PRO boards (middle and right* photos) after six months of natural weathering.

Wood Fade
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(From left to right) Cedar, treated Pine, and Mahogany after six months of natural weathering.

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*Note that the only “difference” in color is due to the camera’s reflection being caught on the TimberTech PRO board on the far right. The weathering test did not affect the boards’ coloring or appearance.

For Premium Appearance and Performance, TimberTech Outlasts the Competition

TimberTech uses protective capping and innovative materials science so our decking doesn’t discolor or warp like traditional wood. TimberTech Decking also won’t show “dandruff,” a process by which the natural wood fibers in a composite board weather and lighten, appearing as unsightly white flakes. This is because TimberTech Decking doesn’t use any wood particles in our capping, making ours one of the most moisture-resistant caps in the industry.

To finish off your TimberTech outdoor masterpiece, choose from our composite or aluminum railing lines. Our composite railing is crafted from a capped wood plastic composite that won’t fade, crack or splinter, and our aluminum railing stays durable, holding up beautifully to ice, rain, snow, and UV rays. What’s more, you can mix and match infills, rails and caps for a custom look that’s all your own. With TimberTech, premium appearance meets premium performance.

Premium Hardwood Leading Competitor Timbertech Decking
Traditional wood decks weather quickly and noticeably. Even dense hardwoods, like Ipe, can’t stand up to the wrath of mother nature’s elements. The leading competitors’ 3-sided capped composite decking leaves a full side of the board that contains organic wood fibers exposed to the elements. They also actively sell a full line of decking that has wood particles (or ‘dandruff,’ as we call it in the industry, because it looks like white flakes in the board’s surface) in the cap of the board (shown right). This dandruff of organic, wood fibers are exposed to the elements and is prone to weathering quickly (in as short of time as 12 to 16 weeks). This process ‘bleaches’ the wood particles, making the dandruff more visible. Each TimberTech Decking line (TimberTech AZEK, PRO, and EDGE) offers superior resistance to weathering with their unique, proprietary cap material covering each board where it counts. Plus, TimberTech AZEK Decking is protected by proprietary Alloy Armour Technology in the caps for added protection against fading, staining, and weathering.

Not only does TimberTech Decking outperform alternatives, but every product made is driven by a commitment to delivering one of our core values: Always Do the Right Thing.

That leads to products proven to deliver the beauty and longevity that’s promised and is why each line is backed by warranties that either meet or beat the leading competitors by far.

Say Goodbye to Weathering and Hello to All Weather Decking

When it comes to making a major investment in your home and property value, don’t risk quality — opt for all weather decking lines by TimberTech for premium performance and rain-or-shine beauty.

See & Feel the TimberTech Advantage

Our capped polymer and capped composite decking lines combine recycled material with all the beauty of traditional wood.

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