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14 Cozy Small Deck Decorating Ideas To Impress

April 4, 2023
Rattan deck furniture features plush pillows, bold patterns, and potted plants for a cozy aesthetic.

A small backyard and deck doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy long hours lying in the sun or chatting with friends over brunch. Small decks are often easier to decorate cohesively since you’re limited on the amount of furniture and decorations you can place. 

Explore these cozy small deck decorating ideas to create the perfect space with just a little planning and smart shopping.

Decor for small deck comforts 

Two gray upholstered armchairs are placed in an outdoor deck seating area surrounded by tall hedges and potted plants.

Small decks create an inviting outdoor living space without encroaching too much on your yard, and they’re great for cozy activities like catching up on the latest best-selling novel outside. With just a little room and creativity, you can decorate a beautiful deck without overwhelming your space. 

Curl up with plush pillows and covers

Two outdoor armchairs with upholstered cushions feature plump throw pillows and a tasseled blanket.

What’s cozier than overstuffed pillows and a pile of blankets to wrap up in? Plush seating and accessories are ideal for an afternoon nap or snuggling up for a fall fire. When your favorite thing to do on your deck is sit back and relax, you can never have too many pillows and blankets on hand. They hardly take up any room and they easily fit in storage or indoor closets when not in use. 

Place potted plants and florals

Two potted plants sit next to a large outdoor candle as part of a centerpiece on a deck table.

Decks bridge the gap between indoor comforts and the refreshing beauty of nature. Adding small plants to your decor helps integrate your deck into your backyard design and adds color for a brighter, more open space instead of feeling closed off from the yard. 

Small succulents or hanging pothos are easy to care for and won’t take up much space. If you want more of a wow factor, add interesting textures and shapes to your decor with handcrafted planters and pots or intricate macrame hangers. 

Hang wall art and tapestries

Wall art doesn’t take up much physical space, but it’s a great way to add personality to your design. You can hang simple prints of your favorite art or hang tapestries and other fiber arts for warmth and texture. 

Great art prints are easy to find online and in store in a variety of mediums and styles for a custom design. If you’re up for the task, make your own art to share in your backyard. 

Play with patterned rugs and cushions

Rattan deck furniture features plush pillows, bold patterns, and potted plants for a cozy aesthetic.

Decking is already much more comfortable than stretching out on a grass lawn, but a beautiful rug and floor cushions make it even better. 

Rugs tie a space together for a cohesive and welcoming area. They’re visually interesting with no shortage of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, so they’re perfect for adding warmth without taking up valuable deck space.

Relax with a reading nook

A rattan chair and ottoman with cushions on a deck with a hardback book and potted plant on the ottoman.

If your favorite childhood memories include long hours reading under a tree, consider recreating the perfect outdoor reading nook right in your backyard. A small deck featuring a comfortable chair, small shelf, and a coffee table is everything you need to enjoy the wonderful world of books in the fresh air and sunshine.

Rise and shine at a coffee counter

Four barstools are placed under a built-in counter attached to a window with an outdoor kitchen in the background.

Soaking up the morning sun with a fresh cup of coffee is an excellent way to start any day. An outdoor coffee bar can accommodate small get togethers on decks that don’t have enough room for a dedicated dining area. Pick up a bar cart or install a built-in counter to hold syrups and sugar, and even an espresso machine if your small deck is covered.

Enjoy evening fireside entertainment

A lit fire pit is centered in a deck’s outdoor living area with skewers and s’more supplies on a nearby table.

A well-designed fire pit provides a central gathering place to share stories and entertain guests, and it warms your space so you can still enjoy outdoor living as the temperature drops. 

Manufactured fire pits come in several shapes and sizes, so you can try vertical fireplaces or even tabletop fire bowls to save on space. If you have a nearby patio, that’s also a great place to install a fire pit and extend your living space. 

Illuminate your space with lights

An outdoor living area with seating and tables sits on a harbor deck with post cap lights providing a gentle glow at dusk.

Backyard lights add a finishing touch to your deck decor and landscaping, with path lights directing flow and string lights above producing a warm glow. Deck lights can also be functional, like riser lights to amp up safety or citronella candles to repel summer pests. Intentional lighting can make your space appear larger and allows you to enjoy every inch of your deck after dark. 

Space-saving ideas for small decks

A small deck features minimalist furniture with several plants and pillows for an inviting atmosphere.

Furniture and decor work together to define the function of your space and create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Smart deck furniture choices like modular chairs or minimalist frames can help you make the most of your space without sacrificing your personal style. 

Suspend swings and hammocks

A suspended swing with pillows hangs by a front door with a narrow table across from it.

Suspended swings have been a patio staple for decades, and the options are far wider than the classic pine bench swing. Daybeds, lounge chairs, egg chairs, and even recliners all come in swing styles with standalone frames or the option to install into an overhead beam. Hanging furniture saves on floor space and is often compact enough to fit where traditional lounge chairs may not. 

Hammocks are a versatile option that are easy to hang and remove as necessary, and can hang from a stand, nearby trees, or even join you on a trip to the park. These are an especially versatile choice since you can hang them as chairs or as a bed to lounge in. 

Stretch out on lounge chairs and daybeds

Two outdoor chaise lounges are placed side-by-side adjacent to a large sectional for plenty of seating.

Lounge chairs always look great on a deck, and many chairs can be adjusted to lie back or sit upright so you can customize the chair based on available space. Outdoor daybeds are a little more rigid, but they look stunning and can easily sit two to three people at a time if you’re hosting friends. Each choice is more space-friendly than outdoor sofas while providing plenty of comfortable seating to lounge. 

Try a breakfast bistro for dining

A small bistro table features breakfast staples in the corner of a deck.

A small bistro table is perfect for your morning coffee and a muffin, or enjoying drinks with friends. They don’t take up much space at all, but look darling on a deck and play well with a neighboring seating area or patio space. 

Save space with benches and sectionals

A built-in bench follows the curve of a deck’s perimeter with a fire pit in the center and railing on each side.

Working with the perimeter of your deck is one of the best ways to manage space in a small area, so consider sectionals that fit well in a corner and offer a lot of seating. Built-in benches and other features can also expand your seating without sacrificing too much space. 

Open the space with clear railing

Cable infills on a black railing show a neighboring home and fence behind deck furniture.

Many decks have guardrails for safety, which can close off the adjacent yard and make small decks feel enclosed. In these cases, transparent infills like cable railing or glass panels are a great option that won’t obscure your view. This can help your deck feel larger and showcase your wonderful yard design. 

Keep a flexible and minimalist deck

A Small deck includes two black chairs and a matching sofa with simple lines and rattan decor.

If you just can’t settle on one deck function for your space, keep your furniture and decor choices simple so your deck is flexible enough to accommodate all of your needs. A few simple chairs and a small bistro table provide relaxed seating without covering the entire deck floor space. This means you still have room for yoga, sunbathing, and entertaining without overcrowding your deck. 

Whether you’re ready to host monthly dinner parties or backyard sleepovers with the kids, these cozy small deck decorating ideas ensure you always have a beautiful yard and deck that’s ready for fun in the sun. 

Want to build a custom deck for your space? Design a deck of any size and shape to fit your yard and lifestyle. 

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