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8 Outdoor Fall Décor Ideas to Celebrate the Season

November 23, 2021
Outdoor fall decor ideas and fall outdoor porch decor ideas by TimberTech

Autumn is a season that tantalizes the senses with crisp air, vibrant colors, and enticing smells like warm spices and baking bread. What better way to enjoy all you love about the season than in your inviting outdoor living locale? And that means you need to make the most of your space with outdoor fall decor ideas.

Pumpkins and mums are classic decor pieces this time of year – and rightly so – but if you’re hungry for even more fall outdoor porch decor ideas to spice up your outdoor living space, you’ve come to the right place.

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Explore outdoor fall decor ideas to get the inspiration you need to decorate your own space for the season.

Keep in mind that these decor ideas work for any outdoor living space, whether deck, porch, or patio

1.) Outdoor Lighting Ideas

Outdoor fall decor ideas including deck railing lights

Keep the earlier nights from cutting your day short with outdoor lighting such as lanterns, string lights, and even permanent built-in lighting options. Your options are many, and depend largely on your budget, preferred aesthetics, and short- and long-term goals for your space.

Outdoor fall decor ideas include lanterns


Flickering lanterns add a sense of coziness and warmth to your outdoor living space without taking away from the starry night sky.

Outdoor fall decor ideas include string lights

String Lights

String lights hung above your deck give your space a romantic feel and provide the perfect amount of twinkle for an outdoor dinner party.

Outdoor fall decor ideas include in deck lighting

In-Deck Lights

Deck lights are built directly into your railing, stairs, or deck surface, creating an ambient glow wherever lighting is needed.

Note that permanent, in-deck lighting is the greatest investment, and needs to be installed at the time of build or during a full deck resurfacing, as the electrical wiring extends into the deck substructure. The result, however, is an enduringly beautiful space at-the-ready for nighttime dinner parties or cozy lounging.

2.) Layer Textiles for a Cozy Escape

Outdoor fall decor ideas include layered textiles

Crisp Nights, Warm Ambience

Even if you live in a warmer climate, you can still cultivate a cozy feel — and be prepared for cooler days and nights — by layering textiles in your deck decor.

Woven furniture with cushions, textured throw pillows, and blankets can give your space warm, inviting appeal. 

3.) Embrace Scandinavian Design

Outdoor fall decor ideas and fall outdoor porch decor ideas with Scandinavian influence

The beauty of Scandinavian design lies in its effortless simplicity and warm neutral tones. This style’s emphasis on creating warm, inviting spaces makes it an ideal style to incorporate into your fall outdoor porch decor ideas. A great place to start with your Scandinavian-inspired design? A color scheme of sunny tan, black, and white.

Outdoor fall decor ideas with a Scandinavian color scheme

How to Work in a Scandi Color Scheme

Start with warm tan decking and build off that foundation with black and white furniture.

Patterned black and white throw pillows and warm wood-toned decor pull your color scheme together while adding inviting texture to your design.

4.) Keep Things Minimalist

Fall outdoor porch decor ideas for a minimalist style

Image courtesy of Yardzen

Opt for a less-is-more minimalist approach to outdoor fall decor ideas with a few thoughtful decor elements. Muted white, gray, and orange pumpkins lend just the right amount of festive feeling without overpowering your porch or deck design. Add in a couple functional fall outdoor porch decor ideas for character, such as a broom to sweep colorful leaves and a simple wood stool to perch on as your remove your shoes.

5.) Showcase Fall Foliage on Your Deck

Fall outdoor porch decor ideas include fall foliage

Bring in some texture and color to your space with outdoor fall decor ideas featuring seasonal potted plants. Tall grasses add height to your display and are a livelier alternative to dried cornstalks. For bright hues, work in late-blooming flowers to your potted displays, like richly-hued balloon flowers or eye-catching helenium. Vibrant foliage, like sweet potato vine and flowering cabbage or kale, gives you even more textures and colors to work with for a truly unique floral display.

Fall outdoor porch decor ideas include built-in planters with fall foliage

Go Perennial With Built-In Planters

Give your perennials a permanent place to call home with built-in planters for your deck or porch design. Built-in planters can help free up space when placed around the perimeter and give you a cohesive design when made with the same material as your deck or porch surface.

6.) Reflect the Vibrant Colors of Autumn With Jewel Tones…

Outdoor fall decor ideas featuring jewel tones

Jewel tones are deeply saturated hues that resemble the colors of gemstones and give your design a sense of regal sophistication.

Ruby red and citrine yellow are particularly fitting for outdoor fall decor ideas as they reflect the colors of the season. However, emerald green paired with muted tones can be an alternative color scheme that also evokes the feeling of fall. Saturate your space with as much or as little of your chosen jewel tone as you please by working it in bit-by-bit with patterned throw pillows, planter pots, and even furniture pieces.

7.) …Or, Opt for a Muted Color Scheme

Fall outdoor porch decor ideas featuring a muted color scheme

Prefer a more subtle approach? Stick to a muted color scheme of tans, grays, light blue, and burnt orange for your fall outdoor porch decor ideas. Create visual interest with different textures and patterns between your woven furniture and throw pillows. For a more multi-dimensional space, contrast the soft textures in your furniture with hard textures like a stone planter or ceramic milk jug. Glass jugs or vases add another dynamic with their delicate silhouettes that blur the lines between hard and soft.

8.) Bring Fall Decor to the Table

Fall outdoor porch decor ideas featuring a harvest inspired tablescape

Image courtesy of Yardzen

One of the best ways to rejoice in the smells and crisp air of the season is with a thoughtfully decorated autumn table. One way to transform your outdoor dining into a harvest-inspired tablescape? Incorporate warm autumn hues like amber and rust in unique ways such as with dried flowers and grasses in a vase.

Tie in dark elements with charcoal-colored dinnerware for a moody feel. You can even extend your autumn color palette and design savvy to your edibles by arranging colorful seasonal fruits and nuts in wood-toned bowls for an enticing presentation.

Bring Your Outdoor Fall Decor Ideas to Life on Your Ideal Stage

Now that you have the outdoor fall decor ideas you need to decorate your outdoor living space, it’s time bring them to life. Put your own spin on one or more of the fall outdoor porch decor ideas above to create your own outdoor fall display. Whether you stick to something simple and minimalist or go with a lavish, detailed approach, your design will be sure to turn heads.

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