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Discover Modern Deck Designs to Inspire Your Project

September 28, 2021
Modern deck designs featuring modern composite decking by TimberTech

Modern deck designs can be what you need to transform your backyard from just a patch of grass to your most-desired destination. 

What Are Modern Deck Designs?

Modern deck designs are those that: 

 Embrace clean aesthetics 

 Offer optimal functionality 

 Often use innovative materials 

Sound like your kind of deck? Explore these modern composite decking designs to inspire your own project.  

Sprawling Low Deck With Modern Composite Decking & Built-In Features

Modern deck designs with built in features
Decking: TimberTech® AZEK® Harvest Collection® Kona® and TimberTech PRO® Legacy Collection Whitewash Cedar®
Railing: Classic Composite Series Drink Rail in White | Lighting: Lighted Island Cap and Stair Riser Lights
Striking two-toned modern composite decking design

Go With a Picture Frame Border in a Contrasting Hue

A picture frame border refers to boards laid around your deck perimeter perpendicular to the inlay boards. Choose one, two, or three boards for your picture frame to give your deck as subtle or as bold of a border as you desire.

For a truly striking, defined perimeter, use boards of a contrasting color to your deck surface for one or more of your border boards. 

Embrace Functional Design With Built-In Features

Elevate the functionality of your deck with built-in features, including:

Built-in planters, which give you a place to add lush greenery to you deck, while saving floor space.

Shade structures like pergolas, which provide light weather protection and a striking architectural element.  

In-deck and rail lighting to give your deck an ambient glow while increasing visibility at night.

Modern deck designs with in-deck lighting

Additional Design Elements

Modern deck designs with bright pops of color in outdoor furniture

Pops of Color in Furniture & Décor

Love to make a statement with your design? Incorporate pops of color into your furniture and décor. For a bold, eye-catching look, opt for shades that contrast with your deck board colors. For instance, bright red-cushioned furniture stands out on whitewashed or deeply saturated decking for a dramatic color scheme.

Contemporary High-Contrast Deck With Bold Multi-Width Decking

Modern deck designs with multi-width decking
Decking: Multi-Width Decking from TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection in Dark Hickory | Railing: Classic Composite Series Premier Rail in White with black composite balusters | Fascia & Risers: White AZEK PVC trim
Modern deck designs with contrasting hues

Pair White With Rich Hues for High Contrast

Love a dynamic, high-contrast look? Combine white elements in your deck design with richly-hued modern composite decking for a dramatic effect. Choose white PVC trim for your fascia and stair risers to create a crisp, clean border against the saturated decking. A white composite railing with black balusters adds further contrast to the design.

Create a Dynamic Deck Surface With Multi-Width Decking

Take your deck design up a notch with one-of-a-kind Multi-Width Decking. Choose from narrow (3.5”), standard (5.5”), and wide (7.25”) width boards, or combine all three in a repeating pattern for a unique look. For even more design dynamism, run your Multi-Width boards diagonally in a chevron or herringbone pattern for a truly eye-catching aesthetic.

Modern deck designs featuring modern composite decking patterns

Additional Design Elements

Modern deck designs with curved modular furniture

High-Contrast Curved Couch

When deciding on outdoor furniture, it’s important to choose pieces that complement your deck design. A curved, modular couch echoes the rounded cascading stairs while a dark frame and light cushions contribute even more contrast to an already dramatic design.

Curate Your Deck Perimeter

Add the finishing touch to your modern decking masterpiece with a customized railing.  

Waterfront Deck With a Highly Functional, Ambient Perimeter

Modern deck designs featuring functional, stylish railing
Decking: TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Coastline | Railing: Classic Composite Series Drink Rail in White with Coastline deck board top rail and cable infill | Lighting: Lighted Island Cap 
Modern deck designs featuring coastal-style decor

Choose Coastal-Style Furniture & Décor

The cool, neutral color palette and natural textures of the coastal style lends itself well to modern deck designs. Bring in the inviting textures of natural fibers with woven outdoor furniture and coastal elements in your décor, like a repurposed driftwood bowl. Incorporate different shades of blue for a cool, contemporary feel that strikes a balance with the warmth of natural textile and decking tones.

Go for a Railing With Style & Function

Make a statement with an innovative mixed-materials railing. The Drink Rail gives you both high style and high function with its composite deck board top rail, perfect for setting your drink down (because using your hands to talk really does add to the story). Give your modern perimeter a layer of industrial-chic style with a durable stainless steel cable railing infill.  

Modern deck designs featuring railing with cable infill

Additional Design Elements

Modern deck designs with deck and rail lighting

Ambient Lighting for Your Deck Railing

Any list of modern deck designs wouldn’t be complete without deck lights. Whether temporary or permanent, lighting adds to your deck’s atmosphere while also improving visibility well into the night. For stylish, long-lasting deck lights, choose permanent in-deck lighting for your railing, stairs, and/or deck surface.

Covered Deck With Reclaimed Wood-Inspired Composite Decking

Modern composite decking with a reclaimed wood look
Decking: TimberTech AZEK Landmark Collection™ American Walnut™ | Railing: Classic Composite Series Premier Rail in White  
Modern deck designs with a covered deck feature

Protect Your Space With a Covered Deck Feature

Add height and a sense of enclosure to your deck with a covered deck feature like a roof extension or pergola. While a roof extension offers complete coverage from the elements, a pergola delivers light shade with its elegant, slatted roof.

Covered deck features also allow you to use your deck come rain or shine, giving you more time to enjoy your curated space.   

Layer Character-Rich Textures

Choose varied textiles for your throw pillows, blankets, and furniture to add visual interest with multiple textures. To complete the space, opt for a striking conversation piece, like an ornate coffee table, which gives you an intricate focal point that ties the space together. As for your color palette, stick to neutrals or pastels to keep your design from feeling too busy. 

Layer textures in your decor to go with character rich modern composite decking

Additional Design Elements: Capture a Reclaimed Wood Look

Modern deck designs champion natural materials as well as innovation, making modern composite decking with nature-inspired designs the ideal decking material.  

Choose the Landmark Collection™

For a character-rich reclaimed wood look and modern matte finish. 

Explore More Curated Modern Deck Designs

If you’re looking for even more modern deck designs, we’ve got you covered.  

Immerse Yourself in Modern Deck Designs

Experience the look and feel of different designs and layouts. Take a virtual 3D tour of our cool, custom decks.  

Had enough inspiration yet? We haven’t either. Explore the modern composite decking designs below to spark your creativity, and then discover even more ideas in our Inspiration Gallery.  

Modern composite decking designs with a Scandinavian feel

A low composite deck evokes Scandinavian style with a mix of warm and cool neutrals. The deck features Weathered Teak® Multi-Width capped polymer deck boards.

Modern composite decking design with an inlay pattern

A two-toned composite deck features Espresso™ and Ashwood capped composite deck boards. A glass panel aluminum railing keeps the beautiful view unobstructed.

Modern composite decking in a shady woodland area

A shaded composite deck is made of rich brown Mahogany capped polymer deck boards. Two love seats sit around a small table. A Drink Rail lends style and function to the perimeter.

Modern deck designs for low to the ground decks

A low composite deck features an outdoor living room set-up complete with couch, chairs, end tables, and a coffee table. The deck is made of Antique Leather™ capped composite deck boards.

Keep the creative energy flowing and dive into our Inspiration Gallery for more modern deck designs.   

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Explore our Inspiration Gallery and see cool, contemporary builds sure to give you ideas for your own space.

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