8 Modern Deck Designs to Inspire Your Project

June 11, 2021
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Considering modern deck designs for your outdoor living space? If you’re looking for the clean aesthetics and optimal functionality of a curated, masterfully modern deck, we’ve got you covered.

1.) Add Ambiance & Safety With Deck Lights

Deck lights contribute to the atmosphere of your outdoor living space, while also providing greater visibility for added safety after dark. In-deck lighting gives you a modern, chic aesthetic with lights built directly into your deck surface.

Modern deck designs with outdoor lighting

Incorporating Lighting Into Modern Deck Designs

Not sure where to add deck lighting? A good place to start is anywhere there’s a transition, such as:

2.) Provide More Seating & Optimize for Space With Built-In Benches

Modern deck designs with built-in benches

Built-in benches along your deck’s perimeter give you extra seating without crowding your deck, which is ideal for modern deck designs on the smaller side. When you choose TimberTech® composite decking, your built-in benches will be made from the same durable composite deck boards under your feet, delivering exceptional durability and stylish aesthetics.

3.) Build a Shade Structure for Protection From the Elements

Give your deck — and yourself — relief from the sun and light weather with a shade structure. Shade structures come in many styles and offer different levels of protection — but all keep things modern by maintaining open floor space and combining textures for a sense of depth.

Modern deck designs with a pergola shade canopy

Semi-Protection: Pergola With a Shade Canopy

With their slatted roofs, pergolas offer some relief from the sun, while still giving you the feeling of being in the open air. For more sun protection — and to add more color and texture to your space — go for a shade canopy to cover your pergola’s roof.  

Modern deck designs full roof

Full Protection: Roof Extension

Want more effective protection? Opt for a roof extension that completely blocks out the sun and inclement weather. Extend the same roof coverage of your home over your entire deck for total coverage or make it a partial covering so you can move between sunshine and shade, as desired. 

4.) Keep Things Cozy With a Privacy Screen

Modern deck designs with a privacy screen

Tired of feeling like your neighbors are peeking in at your outdoor dinner party? Block their view with a stylish privacy screen.

Privacy screens can take many forms, from a wooden trellis to tall, lush greenery. Choose a screen that works for your modern deck’s aesthetics — and your lifestyle.

If you’re a green-thumb, a greenery screen may be the way to go, whereas if you enjoy working with tools, you may prefer to build your own privacy screen.

5.) Soak in the View With a Modern Steel Cable Railing

Modern deck designs with steel cable railing

Your railing is one of the most influential pieces of your deck design: It can totally transform the look of your deck, depending on its color and the railing materials you choose to mix and match.

For a clean, sleek look ideal for modern deck designs, go for a stainless steel cable railing. Made with marine-grade stainless steel, a cable railing delivers exceptional longevity with minimal maintenance. Plus, the clear sightlines mean you, your family, and guests will enjoy unencumbered views of your inviting backyard.

6.) Designate Sections for Use at Different Times of Day

Since modern deck designs champion function, why not encourage regular use of your deck throughout the day, with separate sections that serve different uses?

Depending on the size of your space, establish two or more designated areas. Areas can be defined by separate levels or with different structures, such as a patio and/or shade structure. 

Just envision yourself in this space:

modern deck designs reading nook

Start Your Day With Coffee in the Open Air

Take your coffee out to the reading nook on your deck, demarcated as a small section with diagonal boards in a pinstripe pattern.

Bring along a good book or catch up on local and worldly happenings with your favorite news app on your smartphone. Then, as the day rolls on…

Enjoy dinner al fresco in a modern space

Enjoy Dinner Alfresco

Gather the family together for dinner alfresco in your outdoor dining area, situated in the texture-rich sunken patio.

Chat about your day, embrace the evening breeze, and most of all, relax in a space defined by your design-savvy taste for all things modern.

7.) Make Your Space a Landmark of Character & Style

Wondering what kind of decking suits modern deck designs best? Modern design celebrates natural materials as well as innovation, so there’s no better match than nature-inspired composite decking.

Refined, rustic Landmark Collection AZEK Decking by TimberTech

Capture the Refined Look of Reclaimed Wood

TimberTech® AZEK® Landmark Collection™ capture the character and complexity of reclaimed wood by combining:

  • Refined, unique crosscutting
  • Cascading highlights and lowlights that make each deck one-of-a-kind
  • A modern matte finish

Choose Landmark for a truly modern and unique deck design.

8.) Opt for Flexibility With Modular Moments

Modular moments for a modern backyard

Modular furniture and decor give you endless versatility, so you can tailor your space to suit your needs — whether you’re having an intimate gathering of close friends, or hosting a big family gathering.

How to Go Modular

Take inspiration from mid-century modern’s love of all things modular with modular furniture — think nesting side tables and furniture pieces that can be arranged in any number of ways. You can also capture the modular spirit in decor pieces, such as clearly demarcated plants in geometric pots or planter boxes.

Now, Design Your Own Modern Deck

Now that you have lots of ideas for modern deck designs, take your inspiration into our 3D Deck Design tool to start visualizing your space. Play with deck shape, board color — and even add amenities like furniture and plants — to design your ideal modern deck.

Turn Your Deck Dream Into Design

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool.

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