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Design & Planning

Cost of Composite vs. Wood Decking

February 11 2019
Decking Design & Planning
Deck Prices Over 10 Years - Chart.jpg

Over time, composite decks prove to be a much better value than traditional wood. Wood decks need to be replaced every 10 – 15 years, unlike a TimberTech polymer or composite deck.* Studies show that over 10 years, the money you spend on lumber and its costly upkeep is more than your initial investment in composites.** And with today’s rising lumber prices, there’s never been a smarter time to invest in TimberTech.

*According to the May 2016 Freedonia Wood & Competitive Decking Study.

**Estimated 10-year total cost comparison, based on a 320 sq. ft. deck (does not include railing, lighting, fasteners, or accessories). Costs based on National Average.