7 Rooftop Deck Ideas to Elevate Your Space to the Top of Its Game

February 5, 2020
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Nothing says “kick back, take in the sights, and enjoy treasured time with friends” quite like a rooftop deck. But just where does the rooftop magic come from? Maybe it’s the invigorating vistas, the whimsical sense of escape, or the fun associated with taking something traditionally at ground level and quite literally elevating it. If you’re curious about rooftop deck ideas to up your design game, we have the inspiration you crave.

Before We Talk Rooftop Deck Ideas, Here’s the Groundwork

Before your design plans go sky-high, there are a few important elements to take into consideration.

  • Make sure you’ve checked and double-checked building code laws and any Homeowners’ Association (HOA) restrictions. Nothing will put the cap on your dreams of a rooftop deck faster than “no build” red tape.
  • Be discerning when choosing the right decking m Even more than for ground-level decks, it will be important to choose materials which can perform under direct sun exposure and minimal airflow.
  • Once you’re clear to build, closely read all warranty and installation information and work with a professional, as rooftop deck installation is an advanced project.

So, you’ve done your homework…Now what? Get some inspiration with these 7 rooftop deck ideas.

Opt for Capped Polymer Decking Over Wood

Rooftop deck ideas using composite decking

It’s no secret that rooftops are just about as exposed to the elements as you can get. Rain, snow, sleet, wind, UV rays — you name it, your roof has endured it. The good news? TimberTech® AZEK® decking is up to the challenge.

Rooftop deck ideas with superior TimberTech AZEK capped polymer decking

Our capped polymer boards include no wood in either the cap or core. That means the drawbacks that historically impacted traditional wood — think weathering, buckling, warping, and splinters — will no longer apply. Our capped polymer decking also stays up to 30 degrees cooler than competitive composite products, so on warm-weather days, you can enjoy your deck barefoot more comfortably — less need to make a mad dash for the sectional to avoid scorching toes.

Pick the Right Outdoor Deck Furniture

Rooftop deck ideas with outdoor furniture

One of the rooftop deck ideas that immediately transforms a simple roof to an incredible outdoor living space? Furniture. Just like when selecting the right material to construct your rooftop deck, it’s extremely important to opt for deck furniture that can hold up to the direct sunlight, airborne debris, and precipitation guaranteed to interact with your roof. When choosing outdoor furniture that will last, look for those rated for outdoor use, easily cleaned, and are fade- and stain-resistant. Most of all, look for weathering-ready materials such as:

  • Recycled plastics, resins, and marine-grade polymers
  • Powder-coated aluminum
  • Stainless steel

If you’re looking for a design-forward mix of relaxed and eclectic — and the minimal maintenance and longevity of 100% post-consumer recycled material — look no further than the TimberTech Invite Collection by Loll. With gentle curves and a mix of bold and neutral colors, this collection has something for everyone who desires effortless outdoor living.

Punctuate with a Pergola

Rooftop deck ideas with pergola

Part of the appeal of a rooftop deck is that you can enjoy unobscured bright skies and bold views — but sometimes, the sun can get a little too direct. If you want a just-right amount of shade that won’t take away from the experience of lounging up high, consider a pergola. Pergolas are formed by four beams and an open lattice that lends partial shade to an outdoor living space. What’s more, given their size, pergolas draw the eye, making them an ideal way to make a bold design statement and unify the overall feel of your outdoor living space.

Introduce Year-Round Elements

Rooftop deck ideas with year-round elements

There are ample rooftop deck ideas that will take your rooftop deck — often thought of as seasonal — to nearly year-round use. Plush throw blankets, like large-knits or faux sheepskin, will keep you and your guests lounging in comfort at the same time they infuse your space with design-savvy texture and an inviting atmosphere. If you want to truly keep things cozy, consider introducing a fire pit — just be sure to check HOA and building codes again to verify that open flames are allowed.

Light the Night

Light your rooftop deck for night

Everyone knows nothing sets the mood quite like lighting. If you’re looking for permanent outdoor lighting that allows you to take your rooftop deck from daytime drinks to evening Euchre games with the simple flip of a switch, check out our TimberTech lighting portfolio. Alternately — or in conjunction with permanent lighting — you can introduce spirited touches like twinkle lights or candles. Just make sure you only leave candles burning when you’re attentively watching, and keep these tips in mind when it comes to installing hanging lights:

  • Make sure to only install outdoor-rated fixtured and bulbs. Look for words like “weatherproof,” “weather-resistant,” and “suitable for outdoor use” on the packaging.
  • Use outdoor-rated extension cords.
  • Install a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI), or fast-acting circuit breaker that is designed to stop the flow of electricity in the event of a ground-fault.

For more tips and ideas on outdoor lighting, check out this post on outdoor deck lighting ideas.

If Space Allows, Divide and Conquer

Group your rooftop deck seating

Direct the flow of traffic while maximizing the uses for your rooftop deck by strategically grouping different types of seating. In general, dining areas fare well in more central locations, while cozy corners invite sectionals, lounge chairs, or petite bistro tables. When arranging the layout of your rooftop deck, think about how you visualize guests using the space: Where do you want them to gather? Will your time be spent primarily dining, mingling, watching a movie, or a mix? Also reflect on any practical concerns regarding the layout of your rooftop deck. For example, if you have an in-demand view out one side of your rooftop deck’s building, place seating or a wet bar nearby so guests are invited to linger and take it all in.

Grow Some Greenery

Grow greenery on your rooftop deck

When it comes to rooftop deck ideas that instantly brighten your space, plants take the cake. What’s more, rooftop plants can naturally create privacy from neighbors or help block any unsightly views like electrical cords. Just like rooftop deck furniture and decking material, plants that grow on a rooftop deck will be exposed to lots of direct sunlight — so the hardier and more sun-loving the better.

Now that you’re teeming with rooftop deck ideas, transform inspiration into an actionable design plan.

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