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12 Outdoor Fall Activities to Enjoy From Your Own Backyard

November 11, 2021
Outdoor Fall Activities featuring TimberTech AZEK Harvest Collection in Slate Gray

For many, autumn means the changing of leaves, the dipping of temperatures, and open opportunity for time spent outdoors. Given the often temperate days, outdoor fall activities are abundant — and you needn’t stray far from home to find plenty to do. Simply stepping out your back door offers multiple opportunities for outdoor fall activities at home for the whole family.

Whether you prefer quiet hobbies like birdwatching or more energetic pastimes like touch football, we’ve got a list of outdoor fall activities for you — just BYOC (Bring Your Own Cider).

1.) Create a Cozy, Hygge-Inspired Escape

Outdoor fall activities with wicker couch on Antique Leather composite deck

Encourage intimate moments with family outdoors by creating an inviting outdoor living space with hygge-inspired cozy elements. While you might be familiar with hygge as a design style, the concept is so much more. Hygge is a way of life that champions slowing down and taking pleasure in the little things. Layering textiles like throw pillows and blankets on your cushioned outdoor furniture ensures memories can be made outdoors even on cooler days.

Two lounge chairs on composite deck

Capture the Warm Glow of Home

Nothing is quite as hygge as the irresistible golden glow of home on a chilly night. Establish that same welcoming twinkle in your deck design with permanent deck lights — or choose more temporary options like candles and lanterns.

2.) Keep Your Binoculars Close for Birdwatching

No matter where you live, birds are everywhere — and what better place for birdwatching than on your own back deck? The fall months are ideal for seeing birds you might not normally find in your area, thanks to many species’ migration south. Not sure how to get started? All it takes is a pair of binoculars, a birding guide to help with identification, and a journal to track down which species of birds you see.

3.) Create a Pinecone Birdfeeder

Give the kids a fun, seasonal craft to do and get the birds to come to you with pinecone birdfeeders. Pinecones, string or twine, peanut butter (or another nut butter), and bird seed is all you’ll need for this easy, kid-friendly project. To attract different types of birds to your home, be sure to use different varieties of bird seed on each pinecone.

4.) Collect Colorful Leaves

Outdoor fall activities at home with leaves under composite deck

Autumn leaves are more than just a pretty sight; they can be used for quite a few outdoor fall activities to get the kids outdoors and engaged with nature. Looking for a pastime beyond the classic jumping-into-a-pile-of-leaves? Send the kids off on a scavenger hunt to find different kinds of fallen leaves. You can then press them into an album and do some research to label each one with the type of tree it came from, making the fun craft project educational, too.

5.) Host a “Friendsgiving” Dinner Alfresco

Outdoor fall activities at home with large patio table

Get the gang together for a festive “friendsgiving” dinner outdoors. Place an outdoor dining set in an open area on your deck or patio to enjoy the twinkling stars above as you dine. Or, place your dining set under a covered deck feature such as a roof extension or pergola for a more secluded — and weather-resistant — dining experience. If you live in a colder climate, add a cozy blanket to each seat at the table or use outdoor heaters to keep your guests warm. Candles on the table also add a touch of warmth — both physically and atmospherically.

Live Your Best Life Outdoors

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6.) Host a Movie Night Outdoors

Outdoor fall activities at home on densely furnished deck with tv

Watch your favorite scary movies or festive films while enjoying the great outdoors by hosting a movie night on your deck. Whether you have a projector or a TV, make sure it’s well-protected under a sturdy covering so a sudden change in weather doesn’t ruin the movie.  

Outdoor fall activities with unique end table and two wicker chairs

Bring Indoor Comforts Outdoors

Mix outdoor fall activities and indoor comforts with cushioned outdoor furniture and plenty of throw pillows and blankets for everyone to cozy up with as you enjoy the film.

7.) Make Hot Chocolate & Enjoy the Sunset

Outdoor fall activities at home on lakeside deck with firepit

Not all outdoor fall activities at home involve a strict “activity.” Sometimes simply enjoying the sunset is enough. Shorter days mean sunsets come earlier than ever, giving you a greater opportunity to see the color-streaked sky as the day fades into night. Take in the sunset on your deck with a homemade cup of hot cocoa to keep you warm.

Outdoor fall activities at home on lakeside deck with planter

Rest Your Drink on a Stylish, Functional Railing

With the Classic Composite Series Drink Rail, you get a modern railing design that also lends greater functionality to your space. Set your drink down on the flat deck board top rail so you can focus all your attention on the colorful horizon.

Enjoy Low-Maintenance Outdoor Living

Worried about spilling your hot chocolate? Don’t be. TimberTech decking is stain-resistant and easy to clean.

8.) Cozy Up With a Book Outdoors

Outdoor fall activities with cozy seating on small deck

Looking for solo outdoor fall activities at home? Grab that book you haven’t finished yet — and your favorite blanket — and head out to your deck to do some light reading outdoors. Creating a cozy reading nook is as simple as placing a comfy outdoor chair in a quiet corner and hunkering down for the next chapter or two.

9.) Make Your Own Luminaries

Give the kids another project to do outdoors, and reap the benefits of a more ambient outdoor living space with DIY luminaries. Whether you choose the traditional (flameless LED) candles in paper bags look or the more modern option of mason jars stuffed with twinkle lights, get the kids involved to decorate the bags or jars. Place the luminaries around your deck border or along garden pathways for a romantic, illuminated perimeter.

Outdoor fall activities on furnished lakeside deck under cloudy sky

Capture an Always-Ready Glow With Deck Lights

In-deck lighting in your railing and deck surface gives you long-lasting illumination night after night.

10.) Decorate Your Deck & Porch for the Season

Outdoor fall activities at home

Seasonal décor on your deck or porch increases the inviting feel of your outdoor living space — and allows you to showcase your eye for design. Go beyond the traditional colorful mums and orange pumpkins with a more muted color scheme likes grays, browns, and burnt orange. White and blue pumpkins give you the seasonal touch you crave without pulling away from your neutral color scheme.

11.) Enjoy the Magic of Stargazing

A list of outdoor fall activities at home wouldn’t be complete without stargazing. Take in the magic of the autumn night sky from the comfort and safety of your deck. Give your neck a rest and lay out on your outdoor furniture or blankets rolled out on the deck surface and try to pinpoint constellations. And, since night comes earlier in the fall, the kids can get involved too without staying up past their bedtime.  

12.) Play Games With Family & Friends

Outdoor fall activities like touch football or a game of soccer are far more pleasant in the cooler autumn weather for kids and adults alike. If you prefer a spot in the audience to a place on the team, have a seat on your deck steps to watch the game from the “bleachers.” 

Cornhole Toss Outdoor Fall Activities

Repurpose Deck Boards for a Cornhole Set

Prefer a less cardio-focused game the whole family can enjoy? Grab your unused boards from your TimberTech deck project and transform them into a beautiful, durable cornhole set.

Fall in Love With the Great Outdoors

Your enjoyment of outdoor fall activities at home is greatly increased if you have a beautiful, durable outdoor living space that can stand up to all the action — and the weather. Whether you’re thinking about replacing your existing wood deck or adding a brand-new structure to your backyard, the best place to start is with a TimberTech Starter Kit.

Order your Starter Kit, which includes samples of our most popular colors and our Outdoor Living Guide, for the inspiration and guidance you need to design your ideal outdoor living space.

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