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Back Deck Designs to Inspire Your Next Project

August 30, 2021
Back deck designs by TimberTech

If you’re interested in back deck designs, you know you want an alluring, low-maintenance deck — but how to start the design process? We’ve got you covered.

When thinking through either decorating an existing back deck or building a new one, there are several different overall project factors to bear in mind. Note: How much these factors direct your process will depend on your own individual goals, budget, timeline, and design preferences.

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Inspiring Back Deck Designs: Explore Different Types & Shapes

Get ideas for back deck designs by considering different types of decks as well as varying shapes and sizes. Use these ideas to inform your own design and help you create something all your own.

Explore Back Deck Designs by Type

Explore different types of deck designs to spark your creativity and help you decide which is the best option for your space.

Back deck designs for low to the ground decks

Low Deck Designs

Ideal for flat backyards, low deck designs give you a simple, chic build — and can often be built just about anywhere in your yard.

Give your low deck high style with striking elements such as richly-hued decking or an intricate deck board pattern.

Pool Deck Designs

Elevate your pool’s design with nature-inspired TimberTech® composite decking. Stick to breezy tan or cool gray deck boards for a coastal vibe — and a cooler underfoot feel.

Have a curvy pool design? Don’t sweat it. TimberTech decking can be curved to fit your space for an elegant, fluid design.

Back deck designs including pools
Ideas for back deck designs apply to rooftop decks too

Rooftop Deck Designs

Don’t have a backyard? Build a deck on your roof. Rooftop deck designs are seriously modern and offer you a peaceful retreat from the busy streets below.

Enhance the sense of escape with lots of greenery and warm deck lights to give your space a calming, natural feel.

Multi-Level Deck Designs

Multi-level deck designs don’t only refer to decks charting multiple stories. Levels need only be separated by one or two steps to give your design greater depth and dimensionality.

Multi-level decks also feature improved functionality by creating different sections for different uses.

Back deck designs featuring multiple levels
Back deck designs with covered deck features

Covered Deck Designs

Covered deck features come in many sizes and styles. A roof extension or screened-in section gives you complete overhead protection and is often designed in the same style as your home.

A pergola (pictured) provides gentle shade with its slatted roof while bringing a classic, elegant feel to your space.

Modern Deck Designs

Looking for back deck designs with clean aesthetics and optimal functionality?

Go for modern ideas like permanent deck lighting for visibility and ambiance and choose railing designs like a stainless steel cable rail infill for style and durability.  

Modern back deck designs

Keep Fueling Your Inspiration.

Dive into even more back deck designs in our expansive Inspiration Gallery.

Explore Back Deck Designs by Shape

One of the most important aspects of back deck designs is shape. The ideal deck shape for your build will depend primarily on the space available and how you intend to use your deck. Spacious designs like wide squares or rectangles will allow for larger gatherings, while tighter angled shapes like hexagons will be more conducive to smaller, intimate gatherings.

Common deck plans include:

Back deck designs with traditional shapes

Traditional Shapes

Squares and rectangles are classic, highly versatile deck shapes that can fit in almost anywhere. A wraparound deck gives you lots of functional space without taking up too much of your backyard.

Back deck designs with angled shapes

Angled Shapes

Go for a modern geometric design with various angles in your design. Hexagons and octagons are common additions to a traditional shape and give your deck a smaller section for more intimate gatherings.

Back deck designs with curved shapes

Curved Shapes

Curved designs give your deck an unexpected but elegant look. Incorporate curves into your deck surface or along your deck perimeter for a fluid design that complements the landscaping.

Size considerations for back deck designs

What’s a Good Size for a Deck?

Your deck’s size should be proportional to your backyard and your home, while also aligning to your project budget.  

You’ll also want to make sure your deck is the right size to accommodate the deck’s primary functions. So, whether you prefer to throw large dinner parties or simply enjoy the deck with the one you love — your deck is the right size.

Discover Completed Deck Builds

Take a virtual tour through our 3D Image Gallery.

Explore Curated Back Deck Designs

Discover some of our favorite TimberTech builds featuring modern materials, inviting color palettes, and eye-catching designs.

Inspiring Designs on Deck

Overhead view of a composite deck with curved stairs

Overhead view of a composite deck with diagonal deck boards and curved stairs made of Dark Hickory Multi-Width Decking from the TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Collection®.

A covered composite deck with ornate furniture and decor

A covered composite deck made of American Walnut™ boards from the TimberTech Advanced PVC Landmark Collection.

A sprawling composite deck in a woodland area

A composite deck in a woodland area made of English Walnut™ boards from the TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Collection.

A sunny composite deck with two sections for lounging and dining

A rectangular composite deck made of Coastline® deck boards from the TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Collection.

A composite deck surrounds an in-ground pool

A poolside composite deck featuring Pecan deck boards from the TimberTech PRO® Legacy Collection.

A small woodland composite deck with two loveseats

A composite deck in a shady area. The deck is made of Mahogany boards from the TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Collection.

A covered composite deck with outdoor living room furniture

A second-story covered composite deck with an outdoor living room set up. The deck is made of Slate Gray boards from the TimberTech Advanced PVC Harvest Collection.

A poolside composite deck that curves to the shape of the pool

A poolside composite deck with curved deck boards of Coastline and Dark Hickory from the TimberTech Advanced PVC Vintage Collection.

­Interested in DIY-ing Your Back Deck?

DIY-ing your deck build can be a fun, challenging project that saves you on labor costs — but even the easiest deck build requires foresight and planning. Before you decide to build your own deck, make sure you’re well-prepared.

To DIY your deck, you’ll have to think through numerous factors, including:

Back deck designs considerations include design complexity

Deck Design

Does your deck design adhere to local building code standards? Have you determined the right deck size for the space available?

Back deck designs considerations include substructure framing

Substructure Framing

Have existing substructure, or will you build a new one? Are you comfortable with the substructure framing your deck design requires?

Back deck designs considerations include decking installation

Decking Installation

Are you familiar with your chosen deck material’s installation best practices? Do you have access to all the tools needed for the installation?

Dive into our Deck Building Resource Center and learn what it takes to DIY your deck. LEARN MORE

In addition to the above considerations, you’ll also need to consider your project budget. Labor is often one of the biggest cost factors to consider for deck builds, but if you decide to DIY, you can avoid this cost altogether. Saving on labor costs can give you a little more resources to spend elsewhere, such as on premium deck materials that will last you decades.

Need More Cost Insight?

Explore how different deck sizes and materials impact estimated upfront costs.

Apply Your Inspiration to Your Deck Design

With the inspiration you need for back deck designs — as well as some DIY insight — you’re now ready to plan your build.

Start with our Deck Design tool where you can play with deck shape, size, colors, and more to design your backyard paradise just the way you want it.

Turn your deck dream into design

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool.

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