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5 Simple Deck Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

January 25, 2021
Simple Deck Ideas featuring TImberTech AZEK Vintage Collection English Walnut Cabin Deck

Simple deck ideas can transform your backyard into your personal oasis — without breaking your back or the bank.

If you already have a durable, high-quality deck, simply adding new elements can make your space feel brand new. However, if your deck is in disrepair, or if you don’t yet have a deck, building a new deck with durable deck materials can give you a beautiful outdoor living space that will stand the test of time.

Discover Simple Deck Ideas Whether You Plan To:

✓ Build a brand new deck

✓ Update an existing deck

Check out our Deck Ideas Series for insight on design, layout, and more. EXPLORE THE SERIES

Building a New Deck

When building a new deck, it’s important to choose the best decking materials that will save you money in the long-run and remain beautiful for years to come. TimberTech® capped polymer and capped composite decking is designed to look as beautiful as traditional wood, without the need for sanding, staining and sealing every couple of years.

1.) Build a Simple Deck

The easiest way to build a deck includes making these simple choices:

Simple Deck Ideas straightforward shape to your deck

A Classic Shape

A classic shape such as a square or rectangle means your deck substructure can use standard joist spacing and blocking. Plus, you won’t have to cut them to fit into a more complex shape.

Simple deck ideas use one deck board color

One Deck Board Color

Choosing one color for your deck gives you a chic, monochromatic look that doesn’t require any complicated patterning. Choose from a variety of rich browns, sunny tans, and soothing grays.

Simple deck ideas featuring panelized aluminum railing system TimberTech Impression Rail Express

Panelized Railing

Our panelized railing system, Impression Rail Express®, gives you a sleek, crisp metal railing that’s easy to install thanks to pre-drilled baluster holes. Plus, stair panels can be adjusted for custom stair angles.

Updating Your Existing Deck

Already have a gorgeous, durable TimberTech deck? Discover these simple deck ideas that can take your deck to the next level.

2.) Add Stylish All-Weather Furniture

Simple deck ideas outdoor furniture TimberTech Invite Collection by LOLL

The TimberTech Invite by Loll Collection

Add style and comfort to your deck with all-weather furniture that gives you and your family a place to enjoy the outdoors without straying from home. For pops of color and plenty of coziness, provide ample throw pillows and blankets to your benches and chairs.

Built-in benches give you a place to relax that blends beautifully with your deck’s design. EXPLORE BUILT-IN SEATING

3.) Incorporate Greenery

Simple deck ideas covered outdoor living space

Greenery adds dimension to your outdoor living space and a natural feel that can give you an earthy, boho-chic vibe. Incorporate greenery along your deck’s perimeter, around lounging areas, and even hung from your deck covering.  For smaller decks, adding greenery with some height, such as tall potted plants or hanging planters, can draw the eye upward and create the illusion of greater space.

4.) Amp Up the Ambiance With Temporary Lighting

One of the most popular simple deck ideas is installing semi-permanent and temporary deck lighting. Lighting has a way of adding warmth and ambiance to any space. Plus, lighting can help you enjoy your outdoor living space long after the sun goes down.

Temporary lighting string lights hung over TimberTech capped polymer deck

String Lights

Hang string lights above your deck or around the railing to create a romantic twinkle. String lights are relatively easy to install and will last for a while, but can get damaged in harsh weather, so you may need to pull them down if storms are in the forecast.

Temporary lighting with lanterns


Lanterns illuminated with battery-powered candles give you a warm, flickering candlelit glow, but may need to be replaced often. Place lanterns near the stairs, along pathways, and around seating to light up the most important areas. 

Permanent in-deck lighting holds up to inclement weather and enhances your deck design.

5.) Create an Outdoor Dining Area

Outdoor seating over TimberTech PRO Legacy Collection capped composite decking

Love to dine alfresco? Take advantage of warm weather by taking your meals outside. Place your table and chairs in the center of your deck to make it the focal point or opt to place it off center toward one side to create more open space. Splash in some color with seat cushions and/or colorful napkins for a more festive look.

With plenty of simple deck ideas to run with, you’re ready to explore how they would suit your own outdoor living area. Visualize your deck, as well as decorations like greenery and furniture, in our 3D Deck Design tool.

Turn your deck dream into design

Play with shapes, colors, lighting, and railing to bring your deck ideas to life with our custom Deck Designer tool.

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