Cool, Colorful, and Comfortable New Rooftop Deck

November 7, 2018

Jim and Laura live on the near northwest side of Chicago in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood. As part of an extensive remodel, they decided to expand their entire rooftop deck—which offers impressive views of the downtown skyline.

Prior to this project, they had been constantly replacing boards because of rot, decay, and splintering. They wanted to end the constant cycle of sanding and staining to maintain their deck’s luster.

Enter TimberTech

The couple started the process by removing the existing compromised boards. For their replacement, Jim and Laura sought a color and texture that would match the rest of the rooftop beautifully. After closely examining several color samples, they chose TimberTech to achieve this artful integration into their existing rooftop aesthetic.

Just as importantly, they knew TimberTech’s polymer core technology would reduce maintenance to a minimum. Made of materials that don’t splinter, rot, crack, or warp, Jim and Laura now have a deck with staying power for all the harsh winters and humid summers that Chicago has in store.

Laura loved how the Weathered Teak™ color in the TimberTech AZEK® Vintage Collection® was reminiscent of tropical hardwood with a light terra cotta tone. The decking complemented the couple’s wood and wicker furniture and visually united the light yellow brick wall and the black railing with a frosted infill.

Looks aren’t the only thing that matters. The TimberTech boards were more comfortable in the notoriously hot Chicago summer than the previous wooden ones. Their two dogs, Maxwell and Taz, agreed. Even though the temperatures were above 90° on the muggy summer afternoon that these pictures were taken, both pooches were able to walk and even lie down on the new deck. Jim and Laura preserved their pets’ paws for trots down the lakefront.



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