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How to Choose a Deck Style

August 15, 2017

Many homeowners predominantly use their deck during the spring and summer months, and may not consider using it after the weather turns cold. That’s a shame, as there are easy ways to take advantage of your outdoor space in any season of the year. Here are three ideas for extending your enjoyment of your outdoor deck, no matter what the weather brings.

1. Install a Cover Over Your Deck

One of the most common reasons a deck sits idle during the fall and winter months is that homeowners are driven indoors by rain and snow. Installing a cover on your deck means you’ll be able to sit outside regardless of the weather, and be comfortably protected from the elements. And, there’s nothing quite like sitting on the deck with a cup of hot cocoa, enjoying the serenity of falling snow.

2. Add Heating Elements

Falling temperatures are another top reason why deck owners head indoors. By adding just a few portable heat lamps to your deck you’ll be able to beat the cold and keep your deck a cozy, inviting place. Portable deck heaters come in a range of sizes and typically run on either propane gas or electricity. Another popular option with more visual interest is the chiminea. This portable fire feature is made from either metal or clay and can be loaded with small pieces of firewood to create a bright, warming focal point for your deck. Chiminea’s also retain more heat than fire pits since they are more contained. Combine a portable heating feature with a deck cover and/or deck screen to retain the most heat.

3. Decorate Your Deck for the Holidays

If you decorate your house for the holidays, why not the deck? Replace your summer flower pots with miniature evergreen trees and shrubs to keep the memory of green summer close all year long, and consider hanging string lights or lanterns to bring welcome light and vibrancy to your outdoor area on those shorter winter days. These small additions will make your deck a destination at all times of the year.

4. Talk to Your Builder to Ensure Year-Round Use of Your Deck

Before you have your deck designed, talk with your deck builder about all of the options available to you, and that you want to be able to enjoy your deck all year around, not just in spring and summer. Additionally, if you are building a multi-level deck, consider adding under deck drainage such as TimberTech’s Dryspace. This will help with collecting and channeling moisture away from the living space under the second story.

Your outdoor deck is meant to be your private retreat for relaxation and fun. With a little planning and creativity, you can keep it that way all year long.

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