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Big Backyard Ideas for Your Large Outdoor Space

September 23, 2020

With a big backyard comes the need for big backyard ideas. Whether you’re looking for a purposeful statement with pavers or multi-dimensional design that will have the neighbors buzzing, this list has the right ideas to maximize your outdoor living space.

Landscape With Pavers

A large outdoor space means the opportunity to introduce a variety of visual elements. Not only will this add design-savvy dimension to your space, but different visual elements also:

  • Denote separate seating/entertaining areas.
  • Direct flow of traffic.
  • Increase the amount of texture and color for a more interesting look and feel.

One of the easiest ways to introduce texture and variety to your backyard? TimberTech® Pavers.

Pave the Way to Big Backyard Ideas

  • Designed to be installed directly over an existing surface.
  • Won’t stain or crack.
  • Ready to stand up to the elements.
  • Uniquely engineered to reduce runoff while resisting moisture, mold, and mildew.
  • Protect from staining and cracking.
  • A powerful water management system.
  • Also called in-ground pavers.
  • Protect against moisture, mold, mildew, staining, and cracking.
  • Unlike resurfacing pavers, they apply at ground contact.

So, why do pavers top our list of big backyard ideas? Because pavers are many things, including:

Modern Backyard Ideas Mixed Materials Featuring TimberTech AZEK Vintage Collection Decking and AZEK Pavers
  • Attractive: Textural variety keeps your space contemporary.
  • Complementary: Pavers serve as an alternative moisture-management system that pairs perfectly with your capped composite or capped polymer decking.
  • Space-emphasizing: By visually blocking out distinct areas, pavers underscore the size of your backyard.

If you’re hungry for more big backyard ideas, trust that we’ve only just scratched the surface — unlike our outdoor living products, which don’t scratch.

Opt for a Uniquely Shaped Composite Deck

If you have a truly sizeable backyard or an eye for unique-chic design, you need big backyard ideas that make a statement. A surefire way to Go Against the Grain®? Ditch traditional right angles and opt for a uniquely shaped deck.

Up Your ‘Curve’ Appeal

big backyard ideas with heat bending
Big Backyard Ideas Circle Deck

With a large backyard, it’s all about those curves. The owners of the Minnesota masterpiece pictured above wanted to take advantage of their sprawling space by introducing heat bending. Heat bending is a one-of-a-kind way of treating capped polymer boards to create truly one-of-a-kind shapes and cool curves.

With a heat-bent deck, you can expect:

  • Unique style: Yours will be an outdoor living space that stands out in the neighborhood.
  • Design-unifying options: Along with the deck boards of the TimberTech AZEK® line, crisp white AZEK® Trim can also be heat bent. If your home has white trim already, your eye-catching backyard build will blend seamlessly for serious curb (and curve) appeal.

Embrace a Multi-Dimensional Outdoor Living Space

No matter what, the big backyard ideas that will make the biggest statement will be those that emphasize your available square footage. That could mean options that draw a crowd, like a fire pit, or which draw the eye upward, like two-story decking.

Go Big & Stay Home

TimberTech Two-Story Deck for Big Backyard Ideas

Two-Story Deck

If you have the space, why not double the fun? Choose a two-story deck and enjoy sun-soaked lounging on the top story and protected outdoor enjoyment on the ground floor with a DrySpace* under deck system.

Big backyard ideas fire pit

Outdoor Entertainment

Whether you bring the home theater outdoors or choose the inviting flicker of an above-ground fire pit, going the modern route with outdoor entertainment will keep guests happy and your deck photo-ready.

AZEK Trim Pergola for big backyard ideas


A pergola can capture a stately architectural feeling, making your backyard feel like the grounds of an inviting estate. Plus, pergolas provide moderate shade for a leisurely lounge space outdoors.

Want to visualize how your big backyard with customizable 3-D software? Jump into the Deck Designer tool and start thinking big.


*AZEK’s use of the mark DRYSPACE is with the consent of DrySpace, Inc., in Cedar Rapids, Iowa ( AZEK and DrySpace, Inc. are not affiliated in any way. Neither company warrants the goods or services of the other.

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