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Deck Renovation Ideas to Modernize Your Space

February 15, 2022
Deck renovation ideas by TimberTech

Planning a deck renovation project can be an exciting experience, but you may be wondering where to start. Before you begin, you’ll want to choose a project that matches your family’s needs and your capabilities. Here are some deck renovation ideas in terms of relative difficulty:

  • Straightforward – Relatively straightforward, with potential to DIY some of the build.
  • Intermediate – Requires a bit more know-how and may require advice from a contractor.
  • Complex – Strongly recommended for a contractor due to the complex nature of the project.

Before you begin, download our checklist to ensure you have everything you need to start your project.

Straightforward Deck Renovation Ideas

Straightforward deck renovation ideas

These deck renovation ideas are comparatively straightforward — they don’t include more complex elements like patterned inlays or a picture frame. NOTE: Since a well-built and enduringly beautiful deck will take time and care to construct, these projects will still take thoughtful planning and execution.

Estimate Your Deck Renovation Costs

Use our online calculator to get a sense of what your deck renovation will cost you.

1.) Get a True Decking Upgrade With TimberTech

Choosing TimberTech® decking for your deck renovation project means you’ll get an enduringly beautiful outdoor living space engineered to last longer than wood. TimberTech deck boards are easy to maintain and highly durable, meaning you can enjoy your deck without worrying about when it will need maintenance.

Benefits to Replacing a Wood Deck With TimberTech

What wood wishes it could be – Gives you all the beauty of natural wood — including realistic grain patterns — with none of the drawbacks.

Premium durability – Uses better tech for optimum performance, with none of traditional lumber’s propensity for cracking, mold, and rot.

✓ Little maintenance – No more sanding, sealing, and staining for protection. With a TimberTech deck, just clean the deck periodically.

✓ Long-term value – Can improve your home’s value and lets you enjoy your deck while saving money in the long-term.

Envision the Deck You Deserve

Explore our Inspiration Gallery to see how a TimberTech deck transformed these outdoor spaces.

Easiest Deck Installation for TimberTech

To replace your wood deck, you’ll need to choose your TimberTech deck boards, which fasteners to use, and which railing to go with.

For the easiest decking installation, our deck experts recommend:

Easy deck renovation project with TimberTech AZEK decking

Capped Polymer Deck Boards

TimberTech® AZEK® deck boards are up to 30% lighter than competitive products and do not require pre-drilling prior to fastener installation.

TimberTech deck boards and TOPLoc color-matched top-down fastener

Top-Down Fasteners

Top-down fasteners such as TOPLoc® only require the use of basic tools such as a drill, making it a clear-cut installation process.

Panelized railing system Impression Rail Express aluminum railing

Panelized Railing System

Impression Rail Express® is an easy-to-install railing system with pre-drilled holes in the rails for simple baluster fitting.   

Take care to refer to the tips and best practices outlined in our Deck Building Resource Center. LEARN MORE

2.) Replace or Add a Railing

Deck renovation ideas involving railing

A railing is one of the most — if not the most — important safety features on your deck. Traditional wood railings can deteriorate over time from moisture damage and weathering agents, becoming more and more unstable. By replacing or adding a railing to your deck, you can ensure your family’s safety while also adding a refined touch to your outdoor space.

Replacing or adding a railing to your deck doesn’t have to be a complicated process. TimberTech railing offers you easier-to-install options that won’t sacrifice aesthetics.

Benefits of installing a deck railing from TimberTech

How TimberTech Railing Delivers

TimberTech® Railing — made from composite material or metal — is a long-lasting option that is both low-maintenance and high-style.

With a 25-Year Product Warranty for all our railing options, you can be sure your TimberTech railing will look gorgeous and for years to come.

Simple Installation With an Optimized Railing System

TimberTech offers panelized and pre-routed railing systems to make proper installation an easier process than many traditional railing systems.

Deck renovation ideas featuring Impression Rail Express

Impression Rail Express®

Impression Rail Express® is an aluminum railing that offers a sleek, modern look with narrow lines that allow for clear sightlines.

Deck renovation ideas featuring RadianceRail Express

RadianceRail Express®

The RadianceRail Express® is a composite railing with an elegantly sculpted top rail that adds a sense of sophistication to your deck.

Intermediate Deck Renovation Ideas

Intermediate deck renovation ideas require a bit more know-how about deck construction. If you’re unsure how to proceed, it might be a good idea to work with a TimberTech-registered contractor to ensure your project is done right.

3.) Extend Your Deck

Extending your outdoor living space can better accommodate a growing family. Keep in mind that this project will become more difficult the more complex your deck’s shape is, if you’re planning a large expansion, or if you’re planning to extend your deck over concrete.

Deck renovation ideas involving deck expansion

The Easiest Way to Expand Your Deck

The simplest way to extend your deck’s square footage is to add a new platform.

Benefits to a platform:

Doesn’t have to be separated by more than one or two stairs and is often a simpler construction project.

Creates trend-forward dimension  in your outdoor living space.

4.) Add Stairs

If you have a balcony-style deck, add a flight of stairs. Stairs give you a seamless transition to your backyard and can be a stylish addition to your deck if you embrace angled, spiral, or curved options.  

Deck renovation ideas involving stair design

Before Building Stairs

Before you jump into building deck stairs, it’s important to consider:

Residential building code requirements, which can vary by state.

Product application requirements for different TimberTech decking lines (browse our installation guides).

Your deck’s shape and height, which will influence where you put the stairs, how many steps you need, and whether or not you’ll need a railing (required with four risers or more).

Complex Deck Renovation Ideas

Complex deck renovation ideas

These ideas are a great way to upgrade the overall look and feel of your deck, but we strongly recommend you work with a TimberTech-registered contractor due to the complexity of the work.

There are many ways you can design your outdoor area with the help of a contractor to make the most of your space. You can install new deck boards for a richer tone, or you can change the shape of your deck and stairs for a seamless flow to your yard. Explore this backyard makeover by Casey, who runs the DIY Playbook blog. She transformed her backyard space with TimberTech and the help of landscape services leader, Yardzen.

Design Your Deck Renovation

Dive into our 3D Deck Designer tool and get the exact look you want for your outdoor space.

5.) Add Deck Lighting

Deck lights add ambiance to your deck while also improving deck safety by increasing visibility of your deck’s stairs and perimeter.

NOTE: Some deck lights need to be installed at the time your deck is being built, while others can be added to an existing deck. Follow the Lighting Installation Guide.

DIY Deck Lighting Ideas

Explore our favorite DIY deck lighting ideas or see if a permanent lighting solution is better for your home.

In-Deck Lighting Ideas

In-deck lights are placed within your deck’s surface and stairs for an elegant glow that will illuminate edges for added safety.

Consider in-deck lighting when you renovate your deck

In-Deck Lighting

Light up your deck surface with a soft white light that guides your every step.

Consider riser lights for your new deck stairs

Riser Lights

Riser lights add an ambient glow to stairs while also increasing safety by improving visibility.

Railing Light Ideas

Rail lighting, including post cap lights, accent lights, and under-rail lighting, illuminates your perimeter. Keep in mind that different rail lighting options are compatible with certain railing systems.

Add accent lights to your new deck railing

Accent Light

Place accent lights in posts, at transition points, or along stairs to illuminate your perimeter.

Add post cap lights to your new deck railing

Post Cap Light

Post cap lights add elegant ambiance to your outdoor living space.

Add under rail lights to your new deck railing

Under-Rail Light

Hidden bulbs placed under the top rail give your deck’s frame a gentle glow. 

Deck Renovation Cost

Traditional wood has historically been a staple in the decking industry for decades, but it’s not the only choice when you’re looking to do a deck renovation. Newer engineered decking options are worth consideration for their low-maintenance and high-performance attributes. The best part? Composite decking will help you save more in the long-term on deck maintenance and deck renovation compared to wood decks.

Enjoy Long-Term Savings With TimberTech Decking

Enjoy greater long-term savings after you factor in wood deck costs for maintenance, restoration, and repair.

Renovate Your Deck with TimberTech

Renovate your deck with TimberTech composite decking

The best deck renovation ideas bring together your family’s needs and a sophisticated design. Whether you want to extend your deck, put in new deck boards, or add ambient lighting, a TimberTech registered contractor will help you find the right design for your outdoor space. Connect with a contractor today to bring your deck renovation ideas to life.  

Bring the Beauty of TimberTech to Your Backyard

Work with a TimberTech pro for a build that transforms your outdoor living space.

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