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Design & Planning

5 Home Remodeling Ideas You Need to Know

February 18 2020
home remodel deck remodel
TT PRO Terrain Feature Image.jpg

When you think about home remodeling ideas to bolster the value of your home, it’s tempting to think first of interiors. Sure, a clean and contemporary bathroom or pristine kitchen backsplash goes a long way toward keeping your house market-ready; but, to really see return on investment, you’ll want to focus on what visitors — and buyers — see first: your home’s exterior.  

Below, we’ve put together five home remodeling ideas that deliver serious curb appeal.

1. Add a Capped Composite or Capped Polymer Deck

TT AZEK Vintage Coastline and Black Premier Railing.png

One of the best ways transform your space from mere backyard to outdoor oasis is to opt for composite decking from TimberTech. We offer capped polymer decking through our TimberTech® AZEK® line, as well as capped composite deck boards through our TimberTech® PRO® and TimberTech® EDGE™ lines. Both product types are part of the decking market's fast-growing segment: composite decking. There are tons of benefits to composite decking, from enduring beauty to premium performance to sustainability. But when it comes to returns on your renovation investment, one of the most important factors will be cost. That’s where composite decking shines.

As the charts below show, the initial and long-term costs for both entry-level and premium composite decking have a serious edge on traditional wood. (To learn more, check out this post for a full look at the incredible value that composite decking delivers.)

TimberTech® Decking vs. Traditional Wood

See how initial and long-term costs for our entry-level and premium decking lines compare to traditional wood.

2. Light Up Your Outdoor Living Space

TT Outdoor Lighting.jpg

Nothing cultivates an inviting atmosphere like the warm glow of outdoor lighting, and nothing ups the value of your home quite like those touches which invite luxurious living experiences. Especially if you’ve already invested in a gorgeous TimberTech deck, adding lighting will allow you to keep the conversation going long after the sun goes down. Your guests — and prospective buyers — will thank you.

Our lighting portfolio offers a wide range of options for permanent lighting solutions, ranging from riser lights (pictured above) to stately lighted island caps. In addition, many of our attractive railing options are compatible with one or more lighting products, so you can establish a pristine perimeter at the same time you set the mood. When looking for home remodeling ideas to secure a return on investment, it’s wise to keep lighting in mind — after all, no other feature illuminates the quality and beauty of your outdoor living space quite so well.

3. Punctuate With a Pergola

TT AZEK Arbor Silver Oak Premier Composite Railing White Pergola.jpg

With their crisp columns and stately crossbeams, pergolas make for home remodeling ideas that pack a punch. AZEK pergolas offer a variety of benefits, including:

  • Shade for sun-drenched areas like decks and porches.
  • Durability thanks to their advanced polymer composition that won’t split, splinter, or rot.
  • The option to match the clean white AZEK Trim on your home’s exterior with an elegant conversation piece, creating a unified look and feel.
  • An open roof that can support lush greenery or attractive shade canopies.

Pergolas also increase the value of your home by extending the option for outdoor activities with family and friends thanks to their sturdy, protective structures.

4. Apply PVC Trim or Moulding to Your Home’s Exterior

TT AZEK Coastline Island Oak Circle Deck.jpg

Home remodeling ideas featuring AZEK Trim and Moulding that enhance and complement your deck are surefire ways to deliver beauty, durability, and a high potential for ROI. AZEK Trim and Moulding combine the beauty of the clean white hue with the durability and moisture resistance of cellular PVC. And, because the premium performance of our Trim and Moulding extends to the substructure of your deck — protecting even traditional wood substructures — you get serious curb appeal and a bump in the value of your home.

What’s more, as in the case of the above Bending Backyard Escape, our PVC Trim can be heat-bent right along with our premium-performance TimberTech AZEK deck boards. The homeowners of the coolly curving deck pictured above opted for:

  • Multi-Width Decking in narrow- and wide-width Coastline deck boards from the Vintage Collection.
  • Picture frame deck patterns that trace the perimeter of the deck platforms for a unique look.
  • Timeless white AZEK Trim and Moulding applied as fascia for clean curves and unbeatable protection.

5. Use Capped Polymer Boards as Cladding

TT AZEK Vintage Cypress Home Cladding.jpg

In terms of home remodeling ideas that combine aesthetic appeal and practical protection, perhaps no option does so better than capped polymer boards as exterior cladding. Cladding is a type of exterior covering that protects — and decorates — a home or building.

Today, exterior cladding is usually part of a system that includes a weather-resistant barrier to prevent moisture damage to the home — which is especially important for homes with wood framing. Our capped polymer boards help protect against erosion-causing moisture, so both the cladding and your home enjoy enduring beauty and performance. We’re so confident, we pair our capped polymer line with an industry-leading 50-Year Fade & Stain Warranty — and unrivaled Lifetime Limited Product Warranty.

Crunch the Numbers on Your Home Remodeling Ideas

Jump into our cost calculator to figure out the material expenses for your deck remodel.